How To Draw A Hyena – 8 Simple Steps To Create A Cute Hyena Drawing

Creating a Strong Hyena Drawing In Eight Easy Steps

In our free tutorial’s today you know how to create a complete hyena drawing in eight steps. There are eight missions in eight steps that you must pass. This is an interesting task for you, and you need about 30 minutes to complete the hyena drawing. I also hope our guide with illustrations will make it easy for you to understand and make the task as easy as possible. Each of us has our own hobbies for free entertainment and learning to draw, a good choice to help you have a comfortable leisure time after stressful working hours. You will see your life better.

How To Draw A Hyena – Let’s Get Started!

Hyena Drawing

Hyena is a coarse-haired carnivore found in Asia and Africa. They have long forelimbs, strong necks, and shoulders to chase and eat their prey. In addition, they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing that enable them to locate animals like skilled hunters. Today you have a chance to catch a hyena in your drawing with us. All you will need is a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon and a sheet of paper before drawing. You will start drawing hyena with a pencil and paper. You will proceed to draw the head first, then draw the body, tail, and finally the four legs. After completing the drawing, you can add some details to decorate your hyena and color to make it nicer. Because you draw with a pencil, you can easily erase it if you make a mistake, so don’t be afraid to draw. Our hyena drawing guide is arranged from easy to difficult and suitable for everyone; whether you are a beginner or a beginner, you can easily do it. Along with this tutorial, you can enjoy hyena coloring pages for free on our website to practice your drawing and coloring skill. Now, let’s go to eight steps and learn to draw a hyena with us!

Step 1 – Draw Hyena’s Head And Face

Hyena Drawing Step 1

You will start with the head and face of the Hyena in the first step of our instruction on how to draw a hyena. There are quite a few details to this quest. First, you will use an oval for the head. Then you will draw two ears with two curved lines with short hairs scattered over the head. Also, don’t forget to draw the hyena’s snout with scary teeth, then draw her two nimble eyes with pupils inside. On your eyes, you draw two curved lines for eyebrows; before moving to the second step, you draw two nostrils.

Step 2 – Draw A Front Leg And Neck For Hyena

Hyena Drawing Step 2

From the head, you must draw the neck of the Hyena with a curved line. You continue to draw a front leg with some toes at the foot. So, you finish the task in this step of your hyena drawing and go to the next step.

Step 3 – Draw Hyena’s Back

Hyena Drawing Step 3

Your task in this step is very simple; you just use a curved line to draw its back, as you see in our reference image. You will draw a long back for Hyena, so that’s your work in this third step, and you will continue your mission of our guide on how to draw a hyena in the fourth step.

Step 4 – Add More A Front Leg And Tail For Hyena

Hyena Drawing Step 4

You must add more a front leg and tail for Hyena with the curved lines and straight lines. Like in the previous step, you draw the leg with two parallel lines and finish the foot with some toes. The tail has ruffled fur on the back like a dog.

Step 5 – Draw A Hint Leg For Hyena

Hyena Drawing Step 5

Similar to the front legs, the hind legs are also drawn from 2 almost parallel lines, and the feet have toes. You will also finish the mission part of this step when you are satisfied with your image.

Step 6 – Add More A Hint Leg For Hyena

Hyena Drawing Step 6

You are going to perform the task in this sixth step exactly the same as step 5. You will add a back leg for hyena right now, and It is also composed of two nearly parallel lines forming a leg and ending with a foot with some toes. The legs are drawn from top to bottom, so you’ve finished this step and added a few embellishments to the final piece right away.

Step 7 – Finish Off Your Drawing Mission

Hyena Drawing Step 7

It’s time to complete the drawing task of our instruction on how to draw a hyena. You will add some details for the decoration of Hyena’s body. You can draw some spots like a leopard. Before you move on, you can also add any extra details that you would like.

Step 8 – Color Your Hyena

Hyena Drawing Step 8

You choose the suitable colors for your product, hyena right now. As you know, hyena is almost the same as a leopard so you can choose the skin color for your animal that is close to a leopard’s color. We use light brown and dark brown for our image, as you see in our illustration, but you can choose other colors if you like.

Your Hyena Drawing Is Complete!

Your product, hyena is finished right now and you know how to draw a hyena. So, you can refer to many drawing guides similar to hyena on our website such as gecko drawing, lion drawing, dog drawing, you can use them to collect in your drawing and get experiences. When creating this hyena drawing tutorial, we had two purposes in mind: to make you happy and to complete an educational product, hyena. When you’re ready for your next artwork, be sure to check out more of our drawing guides on our website. We upload new ones often, so also make sure to keep checking in! I hope you like this and other our products. Have fun with the hyena drawing!