Princess Sofia Drawing Is Complete In 13 Simple Steps

Princess Sofia Drawing Is Complete In 13 Simple Steps

You will create Princess Sofia drawing in 13 simple steps. You will follow step by step in our guide and get a lovely princess, Sofia. She is the main character in the Sofia series; she lives with her mother, Miranda. After her mother married King Roland II, Sofia became a Princess, and she was not used to this role, so she often acted differently than a princess. And from here, Sofia had to learn how to become an actual princess.
Princess Sofia drawing task is entertaining; everyone can participate in this activity, whether a beginner or an expert in drawing, because we have sorted from easy to difficult.
To start learning to draw Princess Sofia, you must prepare supplies such as a pencil, pen, paper, colors, and an eraser. Then you will learn to draw Princess Sofia with pencil and paper; you will easily erase your mistakes.
It will take about 30 minutes to complete this task, but you will probably finish it sooner.
Besides the drawing guides, you can enjoy Princess Sofia coloring pages to learn more about the princess. Regular practice of drawing and coloring will make you feel comfortable and improve your drawing and coloring ability.
Right now, you will go to 13 steps of our steps on how to draw Princess Sofia with us!

How To Draw Princess Sofia – Let’s Get Started!

Princess Sofia Drawing
Princess Sofia Drawing

Step 1 – Draw Princess Sofia’s Eyes

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 1

To start drawing Princess Sofia, you will draw her eyes. The mission in this step of our guide on how to draw Princess Sofia is simple. You will draw two ovals to make the eyes for Sofia; then, you will draw the pupils and some eyelashes. Don’t forget to use black to color her eyes.
Once you complete the quest in this step, you can move to the second step.

Step 2 – Draw Princess Sofia’s Nose

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 2

Your task in this step is to use a curved line to draw her nose. Very simply, you will draw a curved line below the eyes that is her nose for her. Since this task is so simple, it only takes a few minutes to complete this task.

Step 3 – Draw Princess Sofia’s Mouth

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 3

It’s time to draw Princess Sofia’s mouth; you will use curved lines to draw the upper and lower lips and make the mouth for Sofia.
There’s a bit of complexity in this step, and you can watch our drawing and follow along to ensure you’re on the right track.

Step 4 – Draw Princess Sofia’s Eyebrow

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 4

Now you have to draw eyebrows for Sofia. You will use two parallel curves for each eyebrow. Simple, isn’t it? Let’s create two eyebrows above her eyes.
When your images are the same as our reference picture, you can come to the fifth step of our guide on how to draw Princess Sofia.

Step 5 – Start Drawing Hairs Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 5

In this step, you will start drawing Sofia’s hair. As you know, she has beautiful hair, so let’s use some curves to draw her hair.
It will take a few minutes to complete this task before moving on to the next step.

Step 6 – Complete the Hairs And Draw The Crown

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 6

If step 5, you start drawing her hair, then in this step, you will draw the remaining hairs to complete her hair. And when you feel satisfied with the hair, you will draw a crown on the head for Sofia.
If you find performing this task challenging, look at our drawing and follow it.

Step 7 – Draw A Necklace for Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 7

This is what makes our princess more beautiful. Make a simple necklace, as seen in our reference image, and move to the eighth step.

Step 8 – Draw Sleeves for Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 8

You will start drawing princess Sofia in this step of our guide on how to draw Princess Sofia. We often see Sofia wearing a beautiful flowing blue short-sleeved dress. In this step, use some lines to draw two short sleeves for her and quickly move to the ninth step.

Step 9 – Continue Drawing Jewelry For Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 9

You will draw a necklace larger than the one you drew for princess Sofia, as seen in our reference picture. It’s not too difficult; you only need a few minutes to complete this task and move on to the next step.

Step 10 – Start Drawing Princess Sofia’s Arms

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 10

You will draw two arms for Princess Sofia with some lines. You will use two parallel lines to draw each arm. You will then add details to the necklace to make Sofia look better.

Step 11- Draw Princess Sofia’s Hands

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 10
Princess Sofia Drawing Step 11

In this step of our guide on how to draw Princess Sofia, you draw her hands with elongated fingers. Now you can move on to the next step.

Step 12 – Finish Off Your Drawing Task

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 12

In this step, you will have to complete every detail to create the complete Princess Sofia. You will draw the rest of her dress; then, you can add a few details to decorate the picture before moving to the last step of coloring the character.

Step 13 – Color Your Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia Drawing Step 13

It’s time to choose a color for your product, princess Sofia. Princess Sofia usually appears with blonde hair and a blue dress. We also chose yellow for her hair and blue for her crown and dress. And what color you choose for your image, you can share it on your Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see.

Your Princess Sofia Drawing Is Complete!

You have completed the quest in 13 steps to create princess Sofia. Amazing, ColoringCool hope you do a great job on all these tasks to create the perfect Princess Sofia. On our website, you can enjoy the coloring pages and drawing guides for free, and we update them regularly. You can learn how to draw some other princess such as princess Anna drawing or princess Elsa drawing. You can visit our website regularly to enjoy our products which we update daily for free. I hope you have a great time here with us!