How To Draw A Rooster – The Details Instructions

The Rooster is considered an effective alarm clock because every day in the morning, it crowing to wake up the whole family. It is a very resilient animal with ferocity; if an animal takes food, it is ready to counterattack; sometimes, it even protects the hen and considers the hen as its wife. The Rooster has a beautiful and unique appearance with colorful, red feathers as the primary color. This special appearance has made them popular in many artworks, and lots of people wonder how they can learn how to draw a rooster. if you are a rooster lover, learn to draw a rooster in 6 steps with our tutorial

How to Draw A Rooster – Let’s Get Started!

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The Rooster is our friendly animal from a tiny baby, and we also know the Rooster because, in addition to the ability to wake us up every morning, this is a type of poultry that provides us with a rich source of food. nursing

Step 1- Draw Rooster Neck Outline.

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You will draw a Rooster neck outline using two parallel curves. At this step, your work is straightforward, and just these two curves are done and go to the next step. Please observe our image and realize your task.

Step 2 – Draw The Head, Beak, Eyes, And Lower Crest For Rooster.

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You will be drawing the Rooster’s head in this first step of our guide on how to draw a rooster. You can start by removing the small, sharp beak of the Rooster. Next, you draw a small crest near the visor for the Rooster. You can use a small circle for the eye. In this step, you will not have difficulty, and you need a little ingenuity to draw a few details for the head of the Rooster that you have completed the task in this step.

Step 3 – Draw Crest On Top For Rooster.

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You will draw the large and impressive crest on top of the head in this step. This step of your rooster drawing will be pretty straightforward. All you will be doing in this step is elongate the divide to create a mighty rooster.

Step 4 – Draw Rooster’s Body.

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You finish off head and neck, so for this step, we can start to draw the body of your rooster drawing. The back will be separated into several smaller sections connecting. As you did in the previous steps, we will be using lots of sharper, more jagged lines to make the Rooster look nice and feathery. In this step, you also proceed to draw the tail feathers for the Rooster. You will remove the overlapping feathers to form feathers with many folds, and now your Rooster looks quite complete with only two legs missing. You will draw the rooster legs in step 5.

Step 5 – Draw Rooster Legs.

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Now you draw two legs for your Rooster, and this step is also effortless. You will remove two portions of a giant rooster with five toes from the body. Besides, you need more cocks spurs. Now your roosters are majestic with big weights, long cocks, and long and abundant feathers.

Step 6 – Color Rooster.

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Roosters are red, and their feathers are usually red and black, so you will also have to choose red-black, mix a little blue or other to create color for the Rooster’s feathers.

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