Lion Drawing Is Gotten In 6 Easy Step

Lion Drawing Is Created in 6 Simple Steps

You will create a lion drawing with our guide. The Lion or Panthera leo is a big cat of the Panthera native to Africa and India. They have muscular, deep-chested bodies, short, rounded heads, round ears, and a hairy tuft at the end of their tail. Lion is sexually dimorphic. Mature males are larger than females and have a prominent mane. In the world of animals, the lion is social species, forming groups called pride. They compose of adult males, related females, and cubs. The lion is a fierce animal and brings many interesting things that we need to understand. Today, you will get an opportunity to learn to draw a lion with us. We give the instructions and illustrate images for you. You will follow us and finish your mission as soon as possible. After that, you can enjoy Lion coloring pages on our website as well. We update hundred of images here, and you will come here and enjoy them for free. To create a complete lion, you will follow us in the drawing. Then you add some colors for the lion as well.

How To Draw A Lion – Let’s Get Started!


Lion Drawing

Besides the ferocity of predators inherent in lions, there is also the easy character of cartoon characters that children love. So, the kids are curious about lions, and you can learn to draw a lion with your kids. You can give some necessary information about this animal. You will go to step by step through our instructions in this article and make a lion as your skill, but before, you must prepare some necessary things like paper, pencil, and colors, then you will start to draw a lion with us. Creating a complete lion is not too difficult, but it is not simple as well. it requires you to concentrate and use your painting ability. Once you finish your drawing mission, you will choose the suitable colors and make coloring for your product. The task in this step is very simple, and you can take your favorite colors. And you can refer to Lion coloring pages in our coloring pages section. It is very interesting learning to draw a lion, and it is suitable for everyone, especially children. They can love more animals by learning to draw More. They can avoid t use electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers,… they are not good for their eyes and their evolution. Now, let’s get started by drawing a lion with us!

Step 1 – Draw Lion’s Face Outline


Lion Drawing Step 1

You will start to draw a lion with its face outline. It is simple in this step, you will draw an oval, and above the lion’s forehead, you will add two small ears to stop standing up, which are two ears for the lion. Please remember that here we are, drawing a cute lion sitting. You will finish the task in this step here and move to step 2 of the lion drawing.

Step 2 – Add Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Eyebrows, And Ears For Lion

Lion Drawing Step 2

In this second step of lion drawing, you must draw all details for the lion’s face. You will draw two round dots, which are made of two eyes for the lion. It is very simple in this step, and you use black to color for eyes as well. When coloring the eyes, you will subtract the small white spaces to show that the lion’s eyes will be more real. Above the eyes, you will draw two short curves for the lion’s two eyebrows. You continue to draw a small oval for the lion’s nose. you use black to color for noses as well. And above the nose, you draw lines for its mouth as well. Above the head, you will draw details for the lion’s ears. Once you have these elements looking as they do in the reference image, you’re ready for step 3!

Step 3 – Draw Lion’s Hairs


Lion Drawing Step 3

You will draw the lion’s hair, and this is simple here. You will draw a circle parallel to the lion’s head, but this round, you will draw in a zigzag pattern. That are hairs for lions. You will finish your task in some minutes and go to step 4.

Step 4 – Draw Lion’s Arms


Lion Drawing Step 4

You will draw the arms for the lion of this step for the lion drawing; from the lion’s head, you will draw down the torso and two arms for the lion. You will draw parallel lines as arms for the lion and end them in hand with fingers. This part is a bit complicated, and you can look at our pictures and follow along.

Step 5 – Finish Your Drawing Mission


Lion Drawing Step 5

You will finish all drawing missions here, and you will add legs, a tail, and some decorations for your product. From the arms of the lion, you will draw the curves ad finish at the foot with the toes. And from its legs, you will add tails for lions as well. you will draw two parallel and smaller lines that meet at the vertex of the tail. At the top of the tail, you will draw its tail slightly spread out to look like a real lion’s tail. You can add some grasses, small flowers, etc., to make your picture beautiful. So, you finish your drawing task here, and you have more of the last step in coloring the lion.

Step 6 – Color Your Lion


Lion Drawing Step 6

Now, you choose suitable colors for your lion. It is simple here, and you will take your favorite for your products as you think nice. We take yellow and brown for our lion, but you can choose colors with your sensation. And there is no rule in choosing colors for paintings. In general, you finish your task with a lion here. If you think interesting article, you can share it and recommend your friends; your kids come here as well. Drawing and coloring are designed for children and everyone, and they can help us relieve stress and worries. After the hard-working hours, you can come here and enjoy our coloring, our instruction, and our blog. We update them daily and for free. You can enjoy Lion coloring pages in our coloring pages section. We provide hundreds of lion coloring for you. I hope you get a great time here!