How To Draw A Lotus – 7 Easy Steps For Creating A Nice Lotus Drawing

Create A Nice Lotus Drawing in Seven Simple Steps

In today’s drawing tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a Lotus drawing step-by-step with our easy guide. You know that Lotus is a flower that symbolizes the culture of many countries. This is a flower that often appears in the summer, is usually pink, and is loved by everyone. You will learn to draw a beautiful lotus with us. We give instructions from easy to difficult, from basic to complex, until when the drawing is complete, we will add some colors to make it more colorful and realistic with Lotus. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in drawing, stay calm and follow our instructions to make a complete lotus drawing. Along with the tutorial, we have also included a couple of free Lotus coloring pages that you can print off and give to your kids to color!

How To Draw A Lotus– Let’s Get Started!

Lotus Drawing


No matter what you learn to draw, you must focus your mind, passion, and time on completing your drawing. Going back to drawing a Lotus, you will follow the steps in our tutorial until you get a lotus drawing right. It would help if you prepared a pencil, eraser, colored pencils, and drawing paper before starting to draw a Lotus. You proceed to draw Lotus from lotus petals until finished, and you will find the right color to color Lotus. In the process of making a Lotus drawing, you can completely erase the wrong lines and draw again; then, you will highlight the correct lines and finally choose the right color for the Lotus drawing.
This is not a simple task but not too difficult, and you will concentrate in your drawing. Participating in drawing lessons, you will temporarily forget the fatigue brought by life, through which you will feel more comfortable and work more efficiently. You can enjoy this drawing activity in your free time after the hard-working hours. You will also find a balance in life when you find yourself a suitable entertainment channel and learn drawing is not a bad choice. And now, let’s go into seven concrete steps to draw a Lotus.

Step 1 – Draw The first Petal For Lotus Drawing

Lotus Drawing Step 1

To begin your Lotus drawing, locate the center of your drawing area. Draw a horizontal oval, which will be the main center of your lotus flower. Then, you add more of a curved line for the first petal. You can stop work here and move to the second step now.

Step 2 – Draw The Second Petal For Lotus Drawing

Lotus Drawing Step 2

Similar to the first lotus petal, you will also draw a curve for the second petal. Not too complex; you can see our image and follow it. So, your Lotus drawing has two perfect petals, and You can continue your drawing in the third step.

Step 3 – Add More Petals

Lotus Drawing Step 3

After drawing two petals, you draw your top petals around the seed pod, making sure to sketch them in a somewhat standing position. You will add some petals until you get a picture, as you see in our reference image.

Step 4 – Continue To Draw The Lotus Petals

Lotus Drawing Step 4

Similar to step 3 in this fourth step, you continue to use curves and draw lotus petals. This time the added petal is located below, as you see in our reference image. Once you finish the task here, you will go to the next step.

Step 5 – Add The Last Petal

Lotus Drawing Step 5

Your task in this step is to add the last right flower to the Lotus. Also simple, isn’t it? You would use the curved lines for this mission. So, you finish your task drawing about petals. You will continue your work of drawing the Lotus by drawing its base in step 6.

Step 6 – Finish Your Drawing Mission

Lotus Drawing Step 6

You must finish your drawing work in this step. You will draw a large oval around the Lotus to form its base. This is a simple detail; you can look at our drawing and follow it. This is the final detail for your Lotus drawing, so you can draw slowly to make the drawing more perfect.

Step 7 – Color Your Lotus Drawing

Lotus Drawing Step 7

Your work in this step is straightforward; you just need to choose the right color for your Lotus drawing. Lotus is always purple-pink, and leaves are green; our drawing board is no exception. We used purple for the Lotus and blue for its base and leaves. So, you get a complete Lotus in seven steps with us.

Your Lotus Drawing Is Complete

Right now, you have successfully created your very own unique Lotus drawing. This is a really interesting mission. This is both a fun activity and a lesson for everyone. If you are a parent, you can give this activity to your kids; they will surely like it. Children will be more excited to learn if you give them the right entertainment. Learning to draw is a good entertainment channel for kids, and it’s completely free on You can find many drawing guides on our site, such as Dahlia Drawing, Sunflower Drawing,…you can collect them and to enrich your drawing collection updates daily. If you like our drawing instructions, don’t forget to give us a thumb up and recommend them to your friends!