How To Draw Princess Elsa – The Details Instructions

You know that Princess Elsa comes from the Frozen movie released by the mighty Disney Studios. The film was born and received a lot of attention from the audience, especially the young audience; the film has brought in huge revenue for the producers and made a huge profit.

The film centered on sisters Anna and Elsa, the Princesses of Arendelle Kingdom. In this film, we see that Princess Elsa has amazing ice powers, and she is a favorite character to many. Elsa has received a largely positive reception from reviewers, who praised her complex characterization and vulnerability. Because of her sister, Anna, Elsa can do anything

You like Princess Elsa, right. Today, in this article you will learn how to draw Princess Elsa with our tutorial for six-step. In each step, we have an illustration image to help you realize your task easier.

How To Draw Princess Elsa – Let’s Get Started!

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With our instructions in each step, you can draw Princess Elsa easily. You will prepare a pencil, paper, colors… and follow our image to draw. You can learn with your friends, your children because this activity is helpful for their development physically as well as mentally.

Step 1 – Draw Princess Elsa’s Eyes.

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As you see in our image, we start withdrawing eyes for Princess Elsa. You will draw two dots for two eyes. Very simple to realize this step, you will draw her eyes that are big and rounded with some pointy tips on either end. Then, there will be some lines across them to make it look as if her eyelids are a bit lowered.

Step 2 – Draw The Facial Expression For Elsa.

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You start to draw the face for Elsa. You will use a smooth, curved line for the outline of her face. Now you draw the facial expression for Elsa. As you know, she is a fairly serious, sarcastic character, and this will be reflected in her facial expression. Now, you will add some details for her eyebrow, mouth, noses,.. for her facial expression. Please draw carefully to show the beautiful and serious face of Elsa

Step 3 – Draw Princess Elsa’s Hairs.

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The hardest part in this step is that you have to show the separateness of Elsa’s hair and her braids. The hair braid can actually be a bit of a tricky element to draw, so it may be something you’ll want to replicate closely from our reference image! You will look at our image and follow it. It will be drawn using some curved lines that come together to form the individual, twisty sections of the hair. There will be an empty space at the bottom of it, but we will add to that soon! It is not simple, so you must keep patient

Step 4 – Draw Princess Elsa’s Body.

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Now, you will draw Princess Elsa’s Body. It composes shoulder, hand, and dress. You will follow our image and use the pencil to draw on paper. Here, you must, you will first finish off the outline for the rest of this portrayal.

Step 5 – Finish Your Drawing.

In this step, you must finish off your drawing. You will add some details for the rest of Princess Elsa such as hair, decorations for the dress, Elsa’s friends’ Olaf. You can begin by drawing lots of curving lines throughout all parts of it. This will help to make it look as if her hair is made up of many individual strands. Then you will add some details as little flowers for dress. Please draw Olaf behind Elsa as well.

Step 6 – Color Princess Elsa.

With Princess Elsa, we choose light yellow for her hair and some mild blues for her dress as her traditional colors. And you? What colors do you want to make for her. You can choose any color you like but our advice for you is to choose her preset color will make your coloring easy and Elsa will look better with her available color too.
You can go to Elsa Coloring Pages on our site to practice drawing and coloring because we have many Princess Elsa Coloring Pages for you.