6 Simple Steps Creating A Cute Horse Drawing – How To Draw A Horse

Creating nice Horse drawing in just 6 easy steps

Get an opportunity to make a complete horse drawing in six simple steps with us. You know that The horse (Equus ferus caballus) is a domesticated one-toed hoofed mammal. It belongs to the taxonomic family Equidae and is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. The horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years from a small multi-toed creature, Eohippus, into the large, single-toed animal of today. Humans began domesticating horses around 4000 BC, and their domestication is believed to have been widespread by 3000 BC. Moreover, horses are herbivores, they have a close affection for humans. If trained well, they can participate in many horse races and are of great value. Right now, to understand more about this animal, you can go to our horse coloring pages to enjoy many pictures related to horses. Then, you can learn how to draw a horse, you will find the best way to enjoy yourself with us here.

How To Draw A Horse ​– Let’s Get Started!

Horse Drawing

With six-step, you will go to step by step and get a complete horse, then you will choose colors for your horse as well. but before learning to draw a horse, you must prepare some necessary things like paper, pencils, and crayons. To realize your mission is not simple but not too difficult because in each step we have an illustration image for you. You will look at our images and follow them. Once you finish off all work, you can refer to some horse coloring pages at our site. We update full coloring pages here and you can choose someone to draw or make coloring. Back to horse characteristics, horses are animals adapted to run, allowing them to quickly escape predators, possessing an excellent sense of balance and a strong fight-or-flight response. Female horses, called mares, carry their young for approximately 11 months, and a young horse, called a foal, can stand and run shortly following birth. Most domesticated horses begin training under a saddle or in a harness between the ages of two and four. They reach full adult development by age five and have an average lifespan of between 25 and 30 years. Now, we will start to learn to draw a horse.

Step 1 – Draw Horse’s Head Outline

Horse Drawing Step 1

You can refer to our image and follow it. Please remember to use pencil drawing because you can remove errors easier. In this step, you use some curvy lines, you can start with the snout and face of the horse as you can see in the picture. It is simple here and you finish of them to move to step 2.

Step 2 – Draw Eyes, Nose, Mouth, And Mane For Horse

Horse Drawing Step 2


You have some missions in this step. You must draw eyes, noses, mouths, and manes for the horse in this step. You will draw You will two triangles to make ears, then add some jagged lines between the ears. They are the horse’s mane. You will continue to draw a circle and colors in black for it, It is the horse’s eye. You draw the muzzle and nose for the horse as small curves. This part may take a bit of practice, but I know that you’ll get the hang of it soon!

Step 3 – Draw Body Outline And Two Front Legs For Horses

Horse Drawing Step 3

In this step, you will be adding in two legs. back and the stomach. For the first leg, start off with two curved lines near the chest to form the top of the leg so that it looks like the leg in the image. Then, you add more curved lines to make the second leg. You will use a long curve to make the horses black. That’s all there is to it for this step, so when you’re happy with the look of it we shall continue adding to this duck in the fourth step.

Step 4 – Adding The Next Legs And Finish Off Horse’s Body

Horse Drawing Step 4

In this step, your task is a little easy because, the other two legs, they will basically appear as slightly smaller versions of the legs you’ve already drawn. Once you draw the next legs, you will finish off the horse’s body as well.

Step 5 – Finish Off Your Drawing Mission

Horse Drawing Step 5

In this step, all of the outlines have been completed, and in this fifth step of our guide on how to draw a horse, we will focus on adding some smaller details. You will draw a nice tail for the horse. Here, you will add some details for the horse’s mane as well. It’s not too difficult right, so you’ve basically finished drawing a horse, and you have only a coloring mission in this final task.

Step 6 – Color Horse

Horse Drawing Step 6

This is the easy step for you, you just choose the suitable colors and make coloring for your work. You can take any colors you like. Here, we use brown for horses, you can follow our color or use your favorite color. This section is not mandatory so you can choose the color freely. When you’ve really gotten the hang of it, you could try out some different positions for your horse drawings and try out more fun colors and art mediums.

Your Horse Drawing Is Complete

You can enjoy horse coloring pages on our site as well. We update images daily and you can choose someone and make coloring late. If your children love horses, please don’t hesitate to give them this article and images related to horses as well. Have fun!