Beetle Drawing Is Made In 9 Easy Steps Creating

Creating A Beetle Drawing In just 9 Easy Steps

You will simply follow our nine instruction steps to create a complete beetle drawing. You have nine missions here and you must finish them one by one. This is not an easy task but it is not too difficult, you need to keep calm and learn to draw slowly. we have given instructions from easy to difficult and you follow our instructions step by step. It takes about 30 minutes for your beetle drawing. There are many beetle types but right now you get an opportunity to learn to create the Japanese beetle drawing. Our advice to you is to stay focused during the learning process and draw gently until you finish your drawing. Along with this tutorial, you also provide beetle coloring pages for free on our site. We update many images related to beetle for you here.

How To Draw A Beetle – Let’s Get Started!

Beetle Drawing

When it comes to insects, we all feel afraid of them. However, some insects have a very cute shape, and so are beetles. Today you will draw a beetle and have the opportunity to get more information about this insect. When it comes to beetles, they are various! While they have some common characteristics, many different kinds are all unique in their own way. While learning to draw a beetle drawing, you will learn more about its specific characteristics. Before drawing, It would help if you prepared a pencil, eraser, colored pencils, and drawing paper then you use your pencil to draw on paper, you can erase your mistakes easily. So, please don’t be afraid to draw; you can draw in your comfortable mood. Once you finish your drawing on how to draw a beetle, you will choose the suitable colors to make coloring for your product, beetle drawing. Now, let’s get started drawing a beetle with us!

Step 1- Beetle Drawing, Start A SmallTriangle

Beetle Drawing Step 1

Very simple for you in this step for beetle drawing; you draw a small triangle. You draw a little triangle and then draw two lines on both sides of this triangle to form part of the beetle’s wings. So, you finish the task in this step and are ready to go to the second step.

Step 2 – Draw Beetle’s Head

Beetle Drawing Step 2

For this guide on how to draw a beetle, you add a half-circle above the details drawn in the first step. Then you continue to draw the head for the beetle with 1 upper curve and 2 small curves for both sides, so you have completed the basic head for beetle drawing; you still have the task of drawing antennas in the next step.

Step 3 – Draw Beetle’s Antennas

Beetle Drawing Step 3

In this third step for your beetle drawing, you will draw the beetle’s left and right antenna above the head. Very easy isn’t it? You will draw each twisted antenna for each side because this is a simple job, you only need a few minutes, and you are done. Once you feel pleased here, you can move to the fourth step.

Step 4 –  Start Drawing Beetle’s Wings

Beetle Drawing Step 4

we will start drawing wings for the beetle; your task in this step for your beetle drawing will draw the left wing for your beetle character. You use some curved lines and straight lines to finish the task in this step before moving to step 5.

Step 5 –  Finish Off Beetle’s Wings

Beetle Drawing Step 5

Similar to the task of step 4 on how to draw a beetle, you add more a wing for your character and finish the task here. It also is simple for you; you use curved lines and straight lines to draw the left wing on the right for the beetle. It is not complex now, and you will spend some minutes on the task in this step.

Step 6 – Add More Part To Body Of Beetle

Beetle Drawing Step 6

You use two curved lines for your task in this step. As you see in our reference image, to realize this work. At the wings, you add 2 curved lines to add a part of the beetle. With this simple task, you only need a few minutes to finish it. You can refer to beetle coloring pages for the task in this step.

Step 7 – Draw The First Two Legs For The Beetle

Beetle Drawing Step 7

As you know, beetles have six legs, and in this step, for your beetle drawing, you must draw the first two legs of the beetle. 2 front legs will be drawn on the wingtips of the beetle. Their legs will be separated into 2 basic parts, with the first being thin and smooth on one edge and bumpier on the other. The next part will be drawn like a crescent, plus it will have small spikes that look a bit scary. You continue the final detail for your beetle drawing in the next step.

Step 8 – Draw The Remaining Legs

Beetle Drawing Step 8

You will draw the remaining 4 legs for your beetle. Like the two front legs, these four legs also have two basic parts. The beetle’s middle legs are drawn a little shorter than the front legs; then, you can draw the hind legs as the longest. So, you finish all tasks for the legs of the beetle drawing in this step on how to draw a beetle.

Step 9 – Color Your Beetle

Beetle Drawing Step 9

Here comes the easiest step for you, you will choose the suitable colors for your product, beetle drawing. You can take any color you like for your character. We use blue for the beetle and yellow for the wings, but you can use mixed colors for this image. Very simple in this step, for you can freely choose the color for your drawing and finish your task on how to draw a beetle.

Your Beetle Drawing Is Complete

You finish off all take on how to draw a beetle in nine steps. This is an interesting mission and suitable for everyone, from children to adults. Through nine steps of drawing, you have achieved a complete beetle drawing. Starting to draw seems difficult, but as you can see, it will be easy step by step.
In the process of learning to draw, you need to focus and be able to add creative details to express your own drawing. Once you get a character or beetle drawing, you can enjoy beetle coloring pages for free on our site and choose the colors for your images here. You know how to draw a beetle, and I hope you find these tutorials helpful. Please enjoy and happy drawing!
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