How To Draw The Red Guard Uniform –The Details Instructions

Squid Game is known and loved by many people, especially children. In addition to receiving advanced training in many forms of combat, Royal Guards were trained to be unquestionably loyal to Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor’s word was considered law, and his guards would obey his orders without question or hesitation, even if it meant killing one of their own. The Guards were also among the few beings in the galaxy whom the Emperor trusted with the knowledge of his secret identity as a Sith Lord, knowing they would speak of it to no one, not even among themselves.

Today, we will help you draw and color this character, The Red Guard Uniform from Squid Game. There are six basic steps, and your task is to follow us and complete the tasks of those six steps well. Try and get what you want.

How To Draw The Red Guard Uniform – Let’s Get Started!

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It would be best if you prepared pencils, ballpoint pens, palettes, ..before you start learning to draw Red Guard Uniform. Not too difficult for you, even a beginner, your job is to be calm, patient, and follow the steps so you won’t have any difficulties.

Step 1 – Draw A Closed Circle.

c1 dx 1
You will draw a closed circle in this step. It is simple. You can ask for the help of a compass to make your work easier. However, it is not necessary to be a perfect circle here, so be confident in your abilities. Please look at our image and follow it!

Step 2- Draw Second Closed Circle.

c2 dx 1
Similar to step 1, you will draw a second close circle in this step. This step is as easy as step 1. Please observe and follow us.

Step 3 – Draw Face Sketch For The Red Guard Uniform.

c3 dx 1
Now, you draw some detail for the face of The Red Guard Uniform. You look at our image and follow it. This step is straightforward. You can use a ruler to draw straight lines to create some details for the face for The Red Guard Uniform.

Step 4 – Draw The Red Guard Uniform’s Body.

c4 dx 1
In this step, you will draw the Guard Uniform’s Body. It is not too difficult for you in this step, and please follow our image. You will draw the necessary curves down from the face to create the legs and body for The Red Guard Uniform. Interesting, isn’t it? We guarantee that you will draw the character The Red Guard Uniform if you follow it.

Step 5 – Draw Hand And Some Decoration Details For The Red Guard.

Now, you will start to draw hands and some decoration details for the Red Guard. From the body, you will draw two hands for the Red Guard. Please look at our image. You will draw some details for decoration as well.

Step 6 – Color The Red Guard.

Of the six steps, this step is the simplest. Your task here is to choose the color accordingly and color the character. It’s simple, right, and you will take the suitable colors and make coloring for The Red Guard. This character is read, and you can choose black for the face and red for the body. I hope that you get a great time here for your entertainment channel after hard working hours.

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