How To Draw Sailor Moon – The Details Instructions

You know that Sailor Moon is known for the story that revolved around a middle-school girl named Usagi Tsukino who befriends Luna, a talking black cat that gives her a magical brooch that gives her the power to transform into Sailor Moon – a solider destined to save Earth and fight off evil. She is later joined by fellow students turned to follow Sailor Soldiers. From that, she is loved by everyone.

Today, everykids know Sailor Moon as a hero, and they love her so much. Sailor Moon appears everywhere in comics, cartoons, toys, pictures on children’s clothes, shoes, books. Kids who are fans of Sailor Moon will enjoy these beautiful and extra challenging Sailor Moon coloring pages we’ve on our site. Here, you can learn how to draw Sailor Moon. You follow our tutorial and go to step by step to realize your mission. Drawing a character like this can be a challenge, but we have aimed to make it easier for you to do! You can learn with your children, and they will know more about Sailor moon in drawing and coloring Sailor Moon.

How To Draw Sailor Moon – Let’s Get Started!

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Here, we give six steps for the instruction of how to draw Sailor Moon. You will follow us of action by step. You will finish off your mission with a complete Sailor Moon. We hope you have a wonderful time working with us; learn how to draw Sailor Moon with six steps.

Step 1 – Draw Sailor Moon Face Outline With Two Eyes.

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You will draw half oval for Sailor Moon’s face outline; then you will draw two eyes for her. You know that Sailor Moon has two big and round eyes, so you can draw round for her looks. Please notice that her pupils are also quite large inside her eyes, and there are some additional lines for the eyelashes above them.

Step 2 – Draw Sailor Moon Mouth.

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Once you draw eyes for Sailor moon. You will draw a small rounded shape for her open mouth, and then finish off with her face outline and some dots for her freckles. We will also be removing her neck, and once you have, then you can move on to step 3!

Step 3 – Draw Hairs And Ears For Sailor Moon.

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Now, you will start to draw hai for Sailor Moon. Now you will draw the front hair and two ears for Sailor Moon. You can draw the moon in front of Sailor Moon. This is the special point of Sailor Moon

Step 4 – Draw Sailor Moon Dress.

You will start to draw nice dress for Sailor Moon. You know that she wears always nice outfits. With this part, you can draw long dress or top and skirt as you like. You draw a simple top. Then you can draw her skirt coming out from under that. Her skirt is separated into various sections that you can draw with some curved angular lines that connect to one another.

Step 5 – Finish Your Drawing Mission.

In this step, you must finish all the rest of task to draw Sailor Môn. From outfits, you will draw arms. Next, you can draw the first of her legs, and this one will be raised and bent. You can draw this leg with some rounded lines, and there will be a fairly large gap in this leg for where the second one will be going shortly. In this part, we will primarily be focused on adding her second leg in this one, and unlike the first one this leg will be extended straight out. You will add shoes and socks details for Sailor Moon as well. Another important detail of Sailor moon is that her hair is very long. You have to be able to show it. Let’s draw her 2 bunches of hair longer

Step 6 – Color Sailor Moon.

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With Sailor Moon, you can choose colors as our picture or you will choose any colors you like. Here, we choose yellow for her hair, white for top and skirt, red for socks and bow,…Please choose the suitable colors and make coloring for her.
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