Rat Drawing Is Created In 8 Easy Steps

Creating a cute Rat drawing in just 8 easy steps

Right now, In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a Rat or Rat drawing in 8 easy steps – great for you and your kids. They can become real artists with our instruction to draw. You will create a complete Rat drawing. According to Chinese horoscopes, the Rat is the first animal in the zodiac. Anyone with the Rat sign is said to be smart, agile, and thrifty. Today you are lucky to have the opportunity to learn to draw a Rat with us. Through 8 simple steps equivalent to 8 missions you will create a complete Rat your way. You will complete each task step by step until you create a very cute Rat. The instructions we give from easy to difficult make it easy for you to complete the task for Rat drawing whether you are a beginner or you are an expert in the field of drawing for a long time. The instructions we give from easy to difficult make it easy for you to complete the task for Rat drawing whether you are a beginner or you are an expert in the field of drawing for a long time. And you will understand better how to draw a rat in this post

How To Draw A Rat– Let’s Get Started!

Rat Drawing

Rat is an animal that is no stranger to us you can see it in the garden, in the park, or in the house. Today, there are some very cute mice that people keep as pets. With a small, cute, and very alert image, they are omnipresent to exist to find food. And now, we will show that in this drawing. First, you need to prepare some necessary tools such as paper, pen, ink, color, and pencil, … then you will draw the blurred lines first, next you will erase the wrong lines, highlight the strokes drawn properly, and finally choose the color for your Rat drawing. Our instructions are very specific and detailed, you will follow the instruction and illustrations. Our advice to you is to be very calm if you make mistakes it’s okay because you can erase them easily and redraw them. It is important that you stay focused throughout the entire learning process, so your drawing will be perfect, and you will also forget the worries, stress, and learning to draw as well as the entertainment that helps you to do it. work more efficiently. Now let’s draw Rat in the following eight pictures. Along with this guide, you also can move to the Rat coloring pages to enjoy for free.

Step 1 – Draw The Rat Eye

Rat Drawing Step 1


Starting with this guide on how to draw a Rat, you draw an eye for your character. Very simple, you just draw an oval and then use black to draw a part creating an eye for Rat. Because we are drawing a rat side view so we only need to draw 1 eye that we can see, and the other eye defaults to hidden., as you see in our reference image. It’s so simple, isn’t it, that you have completed the first task for your Rat drawing? You can move to the second step now.

Step 2 – Draw An Ear For The Rat

Rat Drawing Step 2

In this step, your drawing task is to draw an ear for the character. As you can see in our illustration, you only need to use a small curve and a short straight line to cut the curve, and you can finish drawing an ear for Rat. You can stop this task here and come to step 3.

Step 3 –  Draw a Head And Add An Ear For The Rat

Rat Drawing Step 3

Great for your rat. You already have eyes and ears; now you’re going to draw a rat’s head. It is composed of a curved line that surrounds the eyes and, in front of you, creates a highlight to make Rat’s snout. You continue to realize your task of Rat drawing by adding an ear for your Rat character. This ear allows you to create only half of the ear because the other ear covers the other half. You finish your mission here and move to the fourth step.

Step 4 –  Start On Body For Rat

Rat Drawing Step 4

After completing the first part and basic detail, that’s all your work in this step and you can go to the next step for the face like snout, eyes, and ears; you can start drawing the body for Rat. With a long curve from the top of the Rat, you can show the neck, back, etc. That’s all your work in this step, and you can go to the next step now.

Step 5 – Compete Body And Draw A Front Leg And A Back Leg

Rat Drawing Step 5

You finish off the body of the Rat in this step on how to draw a Rat or your Rat drawing. You continue to use curved lines for this task. You will draw a very cute front leg then you will use the curve to draw a big thigh and hind leg for the Rat. Interesting, isn’t it? You will draw one front leg and one back leg in the next step.

Step 6 – Add More A Front Leg And A Back Leg

Rat Drawing Step 6

You continue your task for your Rat drawing by adding a front leg and a back leg for your Rat. Like your work in the previous step, it is not complex; you can see it in our illustration and follow it. The note for you in the drawing patent of Rat’s feet is that you add a few small strokes to represent Rat’s toes. You have to show the final detail for your Rat drawing in the next step.

Step 7 –  Draw The Rat Tail


Rat Drawing Step 7

Rat is indispensable for a thin and long tail. Use two parallel curves and meet at the end to form a funny tail. So, you finish your work on drawing a Rat with drawing. You have the last step for coloring your Rat.

Step 8 – Color Your Rat

Rat Drawing Step 8

You create a complete Rat with all parts of the character. And now, your task will be much lighter in this step because you have to choose your favorite color for your Rat. We choose brown for the Rat and light pink for the tail. What color do you choose you this cute Rat?

Your Rat Drawing Is Complete!

it’s finally done; you make a complete Rat in 8 steps. Rat Drawing is not too difficult a task, and you must concentrate on the course of drawing. This drawing activity is good for everyone, from children to adults. If you are a parent, you can join in this activity with your kids; they will surely like it. So happy to look back on my work. You succeeded in creating a complete rat drawing. We always update many drawing and coloring pages on our site; you can come here to enjoy them anytime and anywhere to relax and get a comfortable time. You can learn to draw some animals from the 12 zodiacs, like How To Draw A Hen or How To Draw A Tiger, etc. I hope you find these tutorials helpful. Please enjoy and happy Rat drawing!