9 Simple Steps For Creating A Fire Truck Drawing – How To Draw A Fire Truck

Create A Monumental Fire Truck Drawing in Nine Simple Steps

It’s time to create a fire truck drawing with our detailed instructions. You will have nine steps equivalent to nine missions that you must come over. It takes about 30 minutes for this drawing task. It’s great because this is both a lesson and a completely free entertainment program on our website. You can come here to enjoy any time if you have free time. Participating in painting will make your mind more comfortable so that you can easily forget the troubles in life, and you will certainly work more efficiently. And your life is better. Working also needs time to rest and relax, so finding a suitable entertainment channel is very important; learning to draw is a good activity where you will surely get many interesting things.

How To Draw A Fire Truck​ – Let’s Get Started!

Fire Truck Drawing

For this lesson, you will use a marker, paper, oil pastels, ruler, eraser, and pencil,…You can also take advantage of whatever you have available at no cost. You proceed to draw the fire truck with pencil and paper so you can easily erase the lines you draw wrong, and in the end, you will highlight the correct lines. Finally, you choose the color for your fire truck and color it; you’re done with the fire truck drawing.
Drawing a fire truck is not a simple job, but it’s not too difficult. It’s important that you focus on the process of learning to draw, so your drawing will be completed in the way you want. You can enjoy this activity in your free time after the hard-working hours. Learning to draw can help you to balance your life. In the process of learning to draw, you will have to focus so you can forget the fatigue and worries in life. Now let’s go into 9 steps to learn how to draw a fire truck. Included with this tutorial are fire truck coloring pages that give you a chance to practice your drawing and coloring skills.

Step 1 – Draw The Wheels And Part Of The Fire Truck

Fire Truck Drawing Step 1

You will start drawing fire trucks by creating the wheel and part of the vehicle. As you know fire truck is very necessary in life, it helps police put out fires to save people and property. It moves by six wheels, but we only see three wheels and your task here is to draw three wheels and a part of the car to connect the three wheels. You finish the task in this step and move to the second step for fire truck drawing.

Step 2 – Draw The Water Tank Of The Fire Truck

Fire Truck Drawing Step 2

Fire trucks can’t be without a water tank, so you will have to draw a large water tank at the back of the truck. Behind the fire truck, you will draw a rectangular tank that is the fire truck’s fire extinguisher, so you have completed the task in this step for your fire truck drawing.

Step 3 – Drawing Fire Truck Head

Fire Truck Drawing Step 3

Now it’s time to draw the head for the fire truck; if in step 2 you draw the water tank, then in this step, your task is to draw the head for it. You will draw the head equivalent to the water tank to create a more balanced and realistic fire truck drawing.

Step 4 – Add Detail For Fire Truck Head

Fire Truck Drawing Step 4

To draw a fire truck, you will use a lot of details with straight lines so use a ruler to help. Now you will add some detail for its head, and they are some straight lines as you see in our illustration.

Step 5 – Finish Off The Fire Truck’s Head

Fire Truck Drawing Step 5

You will finish drawing the head for a fire truck; you will add some details for its head such as windows and lights,..as our reference, you can observe it and follow it.

Step 6 – Add Details For Fire Truck’s Head

Fire Truck Drawing Step 6

Your task in this step on how to draw a truck fire is to continue adding more detail for it. As you can see in our reference image, you will add some details in this section for your fire truck drawing. It’s also quite simple for you; you just need to add a few small details here to complete the task for you.

Step 7 – Start To Draw The Fire Truck’s Top

Fire Truck Drawing Step 7

Now you will draw the top of the fire truck, and you will draw the top of the vehicle. It is made up of straight lines joined together. You can use a ruler to draw those lines, as you see in our illustration. You can finish off your task in this step here and continue your work for the fire truck drawing in the eighth step now.

Step 8 – Finish Off Your Drawing Mission

Fire Truck Drawing Step 8

In this step, you will have to complete all the tasks for the fire truck drawing; you will add the final details to the fire truck. You can also get creative with more information that we didn’t cover in this step to create a perfect fire truck drawing that’s your own style.

Step 9 – Color Your Fire Truck

Fire Truck Drawing Step 9

Now the most straightforward task for you, you will choose the color for your fire truck drawing. In this part, you completely decide for yourself because there is no rule for choosing the color for the picture. Please choose your favorite color to get the perfect painting.

Your Fire Truck Drawing Is Complete

So you finish your task drawing and coloring on how to draw a fire truck. You see how it is not too difficult, if you focus and persevere, you will get a complete fire truck drawing result. Isn’t it wonderful, that you had a good time with us. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and recommend it to your friends, and relatives,…if you are a parent, you can join in this activity with your friends, you can come to our website Coloringcool.com and enjoy many drawing instruction-related car as school bus drawing, Police car drawing. Have fun with this drawing guide!