8 Easy Steps To Create A Killer Whale Drawing – How To Draw A Killer Whale

Perform Seven Steps To Get A Killer Whale Drawing

You will have a chance to create a complete killer whale drawing with us in seven steps.
It won’t be too complicated here, but you must also focus on getting good results.
You have seven steps equivalent to seven missions that you must finish.
You will go step by step with our drawing guide and have a fun time.
You know that In the ocean there are many different creatures from small like sea-creator to large animals like killer whales. And today, you know how to draw a killer whale in this tutorial.
Before starting to draw a killer whale, you will also prepare all necessary supplies such as a pen, pencil, colors, eraser, and paper.
You always use a pencil to draw because you will easily erase your mistakes and redraw until you are satisfied with your drawing.
Once you get a complete killer whale, you will choose a good color for your products. You will have the opportunity to admire your work and tell your friends and family about it on your Facebook or Pinterest page.
Along with this drawing guide, you can enjoy killer whale coloring pages for free on our website to practice your drawing and coloring.
Regular practice of drawing and coloring will make your painting ability develop. And you can also use them as a healthy entertainment channel for free time, helping your mind to relax and balance your life.
Right now, let’s go to seven steps of our guide on how to draw a killer whale with us!

How To Draw A Killer Whale – Let’s Get Started

Killer Whale Drawing

Step 1 – Draw Killer Whale’s Body Outline

Killer Whale Drawing Step 1

Start drawing the Killer Whale in the center of the paper; you will use almost parallel curves to create a nearly perfect killer whale body.
Also, simple, isn’t it? You will use a simple curve to draw the body for it; if you feel satisfied with your drawing, you can move on to the second step.

Step 2 – Draw Killer Whale’s Tail

Killer Whale Drawing Step 2

Like other fish, the killer whale’s tail is quite large; you will use curved lines to draw its tail from its body.
Once its tail is done, you can continue your drawing in the third step.

Step 3 – Draw The First Fin For Killer Whale

Killer Whale Drawing Step 3

You continue to use the curve to draw the fin for Killer Whale. We will draw a fin on the back in this step of our guide on how to draw a Killer Whale.
It’s also simple for you here; you can look at our pictures to ensure you’re on the right track.

Step 4 – Keep Drawing In Killer Whale’s Fin

Killer Whale Drawing Step 4

As seen in our reference image, you will continue to draw the killer whale fin with simple curves.
If step 2, you draw the fin on the back; in this step, you will draw the fin below.
Use a curved line for this step, and you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 5 – Add Some More Inner Details For The Killer Whale

Killer Whale Drawing Step 5

Your task in this fifth step of our guide on how to draw a killer whale is to draw more details for your fish.
Use the curved lines to draw these details for your character.

Step 6 – Draw The Finals Details For The Killer Whale

Killer Whale Drawing Step 6

You must add some details for your mission of the killer whale drawing.
Also simple for you; as you see in our reference, you can observe it and redraw it to make your line more precise.
Before moving to the last step for coloring your killer whale drawing, you can add more details to decorate this fish to make it more realistic.

Step 7 – Color Your Killer Whale

Killer Whale Drawing Step 7

It’s time to choose the suitable for your product. You can use appropriate colors.
As we know, Killer whales have two colors, black and white, so choosing a color for it is pretty simple. However, you can use different coloring methods to create many beautiful and impressive works of your own.

Your Killer Whale Drawing Is complete!

You finish off all drawing and coloring tasks of our guide on how to draw a killer whale.
Isn’t it great, do you feel comfortable and easy to do? I also hope you are satisfied with the final results. Learning to draw is an activity that is both learning and entertaining. Through learning activities to draw, you will learn how to draw about the things around you and gain more knowledge about them.
If you are a parent, join these activities with your kids because it helps children develop comprehensive and essential skills in life such as concentration, sensitivity, color recognition, group work, etc. Furthermore, they avoid using electronic devices such as televisions, smartphones, or tablets. They are not suitable for their eyes and evolution.
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