High Heel Shoe Drawing Is Created In 7 Easy Steps


Creating a nice high heel shoe drawing in just seven easy steps

This tutorial shows how to draw a high heel shoe in seven steps. It provides simple examples and quick high heel shoe drawing instructions. You will follow our instructions and create your product with your skill. We give seven steps from easy to complex, and you will follow our guide and make a complete high heel shoe drawing in your fun time. With these seven simple steps, you will quickly achieve a nice high heel shoe drawing. This is an exciting task. You will go to step by step until you finish your task here. There are illustrations in each step to help you realize your task easier. There is an overview for all seven steps and then pictures in each step that will give you an idea of your task at each step. in your high heel shoe drawing. Along with the tutorial, we have also included a couple of free high heel shoe coloring pages that you can print off and give to your kids to color!

How To Draw A High Heel Shoe – Let’s Get Started!

High Heel Drawing

High heel shoe is an indispensable item for women; each person usually has at least one pair of high heel shoes. Many high and low, expensive, and inexpensive styles exist for women. You can choose a suitable pair of high heel shoes depending on your preferences and economic conditions. So, you can choose any style you like to do high-heel shoe drawing. Before starting to draw, you must prepare some necessary tools for drawing; you can also take advantage of the available tools to draw and color to avoid paying fees for high-heel drawing shoe work. It would help if you prepared a pencil, eraser, colored pencils, and drawing paper,…Then you use your pencil to draw on paper, and you can erase your mistakes easily. So, please don’t be afraid to draw. You can draw in your comfortable mood. Once you finish the task on your high-heel shoe drawing with drawing work, you will choose the suitable colors for your product. Keep calm and o your task slowly, and while drawing, follow our reference image. Your work will be more accessible. Now let’s get started to make a high heel drawing shoe with us!

Step 1 – Draw High Heel Shoe Shape Outline

High Heel Drawing Step 1


Your task in this first step for your high-heel shoe drawing is to draw a curved line creating the high-heel shoe shape. Very simple for you with this task of guide on how to draw a high heel shoe. In the middle of the paper, you use a pencil to blur the lines, and then you can erase the wrong lines and continue to draw again. finally, you bold the correct lines. Once you are pleased with your work, you come to the second step.

Step 2 – Add Line For High Heel Shoe Shape Outline

High Heel Drawing Step 2


In the second on how to draw a high heel shoe, you draw a curved line. It is almost parallel to the last curve and meets at a point forming part of the high heel shoe; it’s not too difficult for you, is it? Our advice is to remain calm and draw one stroke at a time until you finish drawing this mission. If you think it is difficult, refer to our illustration and follow it.

Step 3 – Draw High Heel Shoe Bow

High Heel Drawing Step 3

You continue your new high heel shoe drawing with a nice bow. It’s great if, on high heels, attach a lovely bow. It will highlight your high heels and make the shoes more beautiful and luxurious. There is a slight complication here. You have to use straight lines and curved lines to realize your task. Once you are happy with the look of the high-heel shoe drawing, you move to the fourth step.

Step 4 – Add Line For High Heel Shoe Shape Outline

High Heel Drawing Step 4

You will draw more curved lines for high-heel shoe drawing. Your task here is to start creating the toe and back of the high heel shoes as you see in our reference image. Our advice to you is to be calm and draw one by one you are not in a hurry because if you rush, you will get it wrong. You can move to high heel shoe coloring pages realizing this task more easily. And now, you continue your high heel shoe drawing in step 5.

Step 5  – Draw The Upper Part of the Heel Shoe

High Heel Drawing Step 5

Begin by outlining the shape of the upper part of the high heel shoe drawing. You can see a breakdown of how you can do this in our illustration below. First, draw the front of the shoe. Next, draw it’s bottom curve followed by the upper curve. After that, you add the back (with another turn) to finish the outline of this part of the shoe. Because this task is very simple, you can finish it in some minutes and continue your mission for this heel shoe drawing in the sixth step.

Step 6 –  Draw The Heel For Shoe

High Heel Drawing Step 6

You start to draw the heel for your nice high heel shoe drawing. The shoe heel will have many styles, but in this step, you will draw the upper heel to be small and the heel to be extended. You would draw two almost parallel lines from top to bottom and use a short horizontal line to connect these two lines to form the heel of the shoe. Then, you add the details and finish the line drawing. You can create some particulars for your shoes and decorate the high heel shoe drawing nicer, and bring your stamp.

Step 7 – Color Your High Heel Shoe

High Heel Drawing Step 7

Now is the easiest step for you. You can choose any color for your high heel. You can use mixing colors for your shoes and use some different colors with the shoes and borders. We choose green for high heel shoes and yellow for the bow, as you see in our reference image.

Your High Heel Shoe Drawing Is Complete

You finished all seven-step of the guide on how to draw a high heel shoe. It is amusing and exciting. If you are a parent, you can join this activity with your kids. They will surely like it. Drawing, in general, and high heel shoe drawing, in particular, will help your child develop more skills such as communication, pen, and painting. More this activity will help your kids to avoid using some technical devices such as television, smartphones, and tablets. They are not suitable for their eyes and evolution. Once you get a complete high-heel shoe drawing, you can move to high-heel shoe coloring pages on our site to learn more about shoe images. So you complete all tasks on how to draw a high heel shoe. I hope you like our guide and share it with your friends.
You got a complete high heel shoe, and you can refer to more shoe drawing as How To Draw A Shoe for free on our website to enrich your drawing lessons