9 Simple Steps To Create A Nice Firefly Drawing – How To Draw A Firefly

Creating A Pretty Firely Drawing In Just Nine Easy Steps

Right now, you learn how to make a complete firefly drawing with an easy, step-by-step drawing guide and reference images. We provide detailed instructions for this drawing firefly in nine steps and are arranged from easy to difficult; you will easily do them whether you are a beginner or an expert in drawing. There are nine steps equivalent to nine tasks you need to do; it’s great to follow step by step and complete it. You will have a fun time with us. It is not an easy job, but this is a task that is not too difficult; as long as you focus, you can complete it. It takes about 30 minutes, and later if you master it, you can draw and color fireflies 30 minutes faster.

How To Draw A Firefly – Let’s Get Started!

Firefly Drawing

You will draw a firefly with us, and in each step, we will provide the reference image to help you easily realize your task. Fireflies, also known as glowworms, fly at night and often appear in winter in Southeast Asian countries. They emit light in the abdomen called cold light, so when we touch it, it won’t feel hot; this light is produced by special cells called photocells. It’s wonderful that we go out at night and see fireflies, and today you have the opportunity to draw fireflies that you may have seen in your life. To start this drawing, all you will need is a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon and a sheet of paper. You will proceed to draw the firefly with simple steps preceded by pencil sketches; then, you can erase them if you draw them wrong and highlight them if you draw them right. You will then choose your firefly fill color to complete the picture. It is interesting; you will definitely find joy here to make you feel comfortable, your mind will be clear, so you will be more productive, and your life will also be better. Along with this firefly drawing guide, you can refer to fire coloring pages for free on our site to practice your drawing and coloring skill. Now, let’s go to the nine steps for your fire drawing.

Step 1 – Draw Head And Face Outline For Firefly

Firefly Drawing Step 1

Begin to work on how to draw a firefly; you will draw its head and face outline. Then you draw two long curved lines for two antennas on ít head. So, you finish the task here in some minutes and move to the second step to continue your drawing work.

Step 2 – Draw The Firefly’s Eyes

Firefly Drawing Step 2

The face of the firefly is drawn neither as a circle nor as an oval but as a triangle. Inside you will draw two small ovals filled with black, which are two pupils of the eyes. That’s all your task in this step; you can move to the next step if you finish drawing two eyes for the firefly.

Step 3 – Draw The First Leg For Firefly

Firefly Drawing Step 3

Fireflies have quite a few legs, and here, you will draw the first leg for it. This leg is made up of two parallel lines, as you see in our illustration. Pretty easy, isn’t it? You will quickly finish the task here and next to the fourth step.

Step 4 – Draw More Two Legs For Firefly

Firefly Drawing Step 4

If in step 2 you draw the right leg for the firefly, in this step, you will draw two more left legs for it. Those legs will be made up of several thin shapes connecting. It’s not too difficult with this task, because you’ve already drawn a few pins in the previous steps, stay calm to perform well here.

Step 5 – Continue To Draw More Two Legs For Firefly

Firefly Drawing Step 5

Your task in this step for your fire drawing is to continue drawing two more legs for your insect. They will also each be in a different position, so your fireflies will look more real and lively. Once you are pleased with your image here, you can move to the sixth step right now.

Step 6 – Draw Firefly’s Body

Firefly Drawing Step 6

This part is very simple for you; you just need to stretch the body and create the back part of the body of the firefly. This could also be part of the tail of a firefly. Your task here is that, and you can finish it in some minutes and move to the seventh step.

Step 7 – Draw The Last Leg For Firefly

Firefly Drawing Step 7

This is the time you draw the final leg for your firefly drawing. Just like the other leg, you draw two parallel curves to form a leg for the firefly. So your firefly has six legs that are divided equally between two sides.

Step 8 – Finish Off Your Drawing Mission

Firefly Drawing Step 8

You will finish drawing the firefly by giving it beautiful wings. The firefly will have many wings, and you have to show it in this step, as you see in our illustration. You can use small wings like dragonfly wings to draw wings for this firefly. So, you have finished drawing the firefly, and only the last step is to choose the color for it.

Step 9 – Color Your Firefly

Firefly Drawing Step 9

As there is no mandatory rule to choosing any color for fireflies, you can use any color you like for your firefly drawing; you can take some colorful colors like yellow, red, and blue to paint your firefly. You will also choose a light yellow color around the chest of the firefly to show it is glowing. This part quest is just that, and you’ve done it.

Your Firefly Drawing Is Complete

You finish off your drawing and coloring task on how to draw a firefly. It is very interesting. You can enjoy it in your free time after the hard-working hours. Drawing and coloring are not only an activity for children, but adults can also participate because it makes us feel at ease. More all education products are free on our website Coloringcool.com, beside the firefly drawing guide, you can enjoy dragonfly drawing and butterfly drawing, there are related to fireflies and I hope you like them. We update drawing guides and coloring pages daily and you can come here to get fun. Have a great time with firefly drawing!