5 Simple Steps To Creating A Nice Bratz Portrait Drawing – How To Draw Bratz Portrait

Bratz Portrait Drawing is Complete In 5 Steps

You will have a chance to enjoy Bratz Portrait drawing with us in our tutorial today. You know that Bratz is an American product line of fashion dolls and merchandise manufactured by MGA Entertainment and created by Carter Bryant. On May 21, 2001, the first four dolls were created Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha. The characteristics of these four dolls are almond-shaped eyes adorned with eye shadow and blush, and big glossy lips. Then they were expanded with spin-offs including Bratz Kidz, Bratz Babyz, and Bratzillaz as well as media featuring various Bratz characters, including a web series, film adaptation, TV series, discography, and video games. And Bratz Doll brand has brought in huge sales: Two billion dollars and, by 2006, Bratz had about 40 percent of the fashion-doll market. Today, you can refer this doll to Bratz coloring pages on our site for free. We collect all Bratz images, and you can enjoy them anywhere and any time with your device connecting internet.

How To Draw Bratz – Let’s Get Started!

Bratz Portrait Drawing

Although Bratz’s revenue is very large, there was also a period of crisis when it was 2014 and 2015. MGA Entertainment decided to completely overhaul the Bratz brand throughout 2014 in an effort to return the brand to its roots. As a result, none of the Bratz 2014 product lines was offered to North American retailers. Then, due to the poor reception and sales, the dolls were once again discontinued in 2016. In 2018, a new line of dolls called “Bratz Collector” was released exclusively on Amazon. To discover the new markets and serve clients better, they create Bratz coloring pages. They are suitable for everyone, especially for girls. They will choose colors and make coloring for Bratz in their free time. And here, you get an opportunity to learn how to draw Bratz in five steps. In each stage, we provide the illustration image for you. You will follow our pictures and instructions to create a complete Bratz Portrait drawing. You will feel attractive in this learning.

Step 1 – Draw The Outline Of Bratz’s Face

Bratz Portrait Drawing Step 1

Starting your task of our guide on how to draw Bratz Portrait drawing in the very middle of the paper, draw an oval shape to create an outline of Bratz’s face. You can remove the shape of the face any way you want. It is not difficult in this step. You will finish your task in some minutes and move to step 2 and continue your work, Bratz Doll drawing.

Step 2 – Draw Ears And Hairs For Bratz

Bratz Portrait Drawing Step 2

Your task in this second of the Bratz portrait drawing is a little complex. On both sides of the face, draw a pair of ears. You can remove the ears however you like: round, pointed, square, or any shape you want it to be. Here, we create ears with triangles. After that, you will add hair to the face. Now, it’s time to add coat to your Bratz Portrait drawing. You can make long hair because Bratz has long nice hair. You will divide your hair into two equal parts to create a charming, lovely Bratz Portrait drawing

Step 3 – Draw Details For Bratz’s Face

Bratz Portrait Drawing Step 3

Now, it’s time to add face details to your Bratz portrait drawing. You will draw eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouth, etc for her face. Draw two even round shapes for the eyes. You can draw reference lines across the face and use them as guidelines to make sure that the eyes will be removed at the same level. She has slanted, and long eyes, so draw her eyes with slightly long curved lines, and the two curves of the eyes will meet at the corner of the eye. From your eyes, use those short curvy lines that are eyelashes. You will use black blood and white space to describe the details of the eyes. Above her eyes will draw two short curved lines representing her eyebrows here her right eyebrow is partially covered by her hair, so draw the right eyebrow faster than the left eyebrow. Draw an upside-down curved line underneath the eyes, right in between. This will serve as the tip of the nose. Below the nose, you will draw short curves to form her mouth. That’s all there is to it for this step, so when you’re happy with the look of it, as you see in our reference image, we shall continue adding to this duck in the fourth step.

Step 4 – Finish Your Drawing Mission

Bratz Portrait Drawing Step 4

In this step of your Bratz portrait drawing, you can see the drawing of a girl’s face nearly finished! The only thing it’s missing is a dash of colors to complete your artwork! You will add some detail to her body such as arms, dress, belt, etc to make the decoration for her. In this step, you have some tasks to finish, so you can observe our images and finish them one by one. Complete the look by adding streaks to her body to add texture to the drawing. Draw multiple long lines down the length of her clothes to create an illusion of her portrait

Step 5- Color Your Bratz Portrait

Bratz Portrait Drawing Step 5

Now, your task is very simple in this step of the Bratz Portrait. You choose the suitable colors to make coloring for Brazt. We take yellow for her hair and pink for her dress. She looks pretty. If Brazt is a fan of your girls, you can let girls choose colors and make coloring for her. It is exciting.

Your Brazt Portrait Drawing Is Complete!

You can refer to other images related to Brazt at our Bratz coloring pages on our site. You will choose suitable colors and make coloring for them as well. Drawing and coloring are excellent activities for everyone, especially for kids. You can teach them to draw and colors by following our instructions. Have a great time!