How To Draw Little Mermaid Ariel – The Details Instructions

Ariel the mermaid story by Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author who wrote very well in the 1800s., was published in 1837. The mermaid was later translated into many languages and included in books. For children for more than a century, The Little Mermaid is always remembered by the 1989 Disney animated film of the same name. The main character, Ariel, is a teenage mermaid princess who dreams of living on land instead of in the sea. Since Disney’s release, several other mermaid stories and cartoons featuring characters that closely resemble this girl have aired.

Do you want to draw Ariel? Right now, using this step-by-step drawing tutorial, a pencil and a piece of paper. Just follow the steps in the drawing tutorials listed below. Note that in the illustration image accompanying each step, you should observe and follow the instructions to draw exactly as shown in the illustration image.

How To Draw Little Mermaid Arie– Let’s Get Started!

The Little Mermaid is one of the most beloved of all Disney films. Fans worldwide fall in love with the story of the mermaid Ariel falling for a human on land. Especially children, when it comes to mermaids, they are very eager to hear about and images of mermaids associated with girls’ objects such as clothes, shoes, books,

Step 1 – Draw Outline Ariel’s Face.

buoc1 1
You will start by drawing an error circle. This will outline Ariel’s face. Extend a curved line to trace the jaw and chin from the error circle. This is a simple step because you have to use a few basic pen strokes in this step to complete your work.

Step 2 – Draw Outline Ariel’s Hair.

buoc2 1
The hardest part of this step is that you have to draw a small flower on Ariel’s hair. This is the highlight of her hair and beauty so you need to draw carefully to avoid mistakes.

Step 3 – Draw Details For Ariel’s Face.

buoc3 1
Draw a series of curved lines that intersect the circle. These lines outline how Ariel’s hair falls across her forehead and ears. Draw Ariel’s hair with long and short curves. Around her face, allow the lines to overlap. Reach the end of the hair, allowing the lines to meet at the point.. Draw Ariel’s eyes with curves. Draw her nose and eyebrows using curved lines. Extend short, curved lines from above the eyes to show the lashes. Draw the mouth and lips using four curved lines. Draw two curved lines in each eye to form the pupil and iris. Draw a small circle in the pupil and fill it with black.

Step 4 – Draw Ariel’s Body.

Extend two curved lines down from the head to form Ariel’s neck and shoulders. Enclose the shape of Ariel’s upper body by drawing an almost circular curve from shoulder to shoulder. Enclose a rectangle near the bottom of the upper body with curved lines. This forms Ariel’s torso or stomach. you continue to extend two long curved lines from the stomach. Allow the lines to meet at a sharp point, enclosing Ariel’s tail. From the tail, extend two sets of curves. Each set will meet at one point, outlining Ariel’s fins. Draw a curved line above the point where Ariel’s tail and belly meet. This adds detail to the tail. You can add some detail for her body.

Step 5 – Finish Off Your Drawing Mission.

More details for Ariel. Draw a short, curved line under the neck to indicate the collar bone. Extend a set of curved lines from each shoulder to outline the arms. Add another set of curves for each arm, placing them at an angle to indicate elbow flexion. You will draw Ariel’s hand with a series of connected, curved lines. Each finger can be drawn using an elongated “U” shaped line. Draw a curved line on her palm for more detail. You can finish off some details for her hair as well.

Step 6 – Color Little Mermaid Arie.

ariel sze 1
This is the final step for Ariel drawing and coloring. You will choose the suitable color to make coloring for Ariel. Here, we take red for hair, blue for the tail and light purple for some detail. You can choose other colors for her if you like. Overall it is a step simply pick a color and color your Ariel it looks great.

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