How To Draw A Snake – With Six Simple Guide Steps

Today we will know how to draw a snake together. You must prepare paper, a pencil and some crayons to make coloring for the snake. But before learning to draw a snake, let’s learn interesting things about this reptile. As you know, snakes are legless reptiles, a snake can have 280 pairs of ribs or more! Snakes will use their tongue to smell food, find the right direction, so the tongue is an important part for them. Snakes are animals that can’t hear but they can find vibrations so this is a special type of reptile. Along with the tutorial, we have also included a couple of free snakes from Anaconda coloring pages that you can print off and give to your kids to color!

Besides the interesting things about snakes, snakes have a bit of a bad reputation, most people are afraid of this reptile, so they are always associated with a bad reputation. They are often represented as evil and this reputation seems unfair to innocent snakes because they only attack in self-defense.
htdr snake
Now, non our site you will learn this step-by-step guide on how to draw a snake in just 6 easy steps drawing a scaly new friend before you know it!
How To Draw A Snake – Let’s get started with a simple draw
To draw a snake we need many curves and in this first step we also need a closed curve to draw the face and head of the snake
This first step. We will draw a closed curve to make the snake’s head. Please look at the images and follow it!
Step 1 – Draw in some more of the snake’s face and head
Now, you must draw the snakehead, eyes, and tongue. This is just a simple line that is not too difficult for everyone including beginners and children. Now, you can look at the image and follow it.
Step 2 – Draw in some more of the snake’s body
Now, you will start to draw the snake’s body. Realy simple, you just need to draw a long curved line from the snake’s head down to the snake’s body. There is nothing difficult in this step, use a pen and follow our picture and follow it
s3 1
Step 3 – Draw in some more of the snake’s body
You just need to draw a long curved line from the snake’s head down to the snake’s body. There is nothing difficult in this step, use a pen and follow our picture and follow it

Step 4 – Continue to draw snake body and tail
Now, you must use a pencil and continue to finish drawing the snake’s body and tail. Just like the steps above you also use a pencil and follow our picture. It’s very simple, isn’t it, just hold the pen and keep going, you’re almost done with drawing a complete snake.
snake 4

Step 5 – Add some finishing touches
Now your task is to add the missing details to the picture to get the complete snake. You continue to complete the snake face, snake eyes, snake mouth, snake body and a snake tail. Depending on your preferences, you can create an interesting snake with personalized details. You can also add the final details according to our shapes or you can create new details for your snake. With the above 5 steps, you have basically finished drawing a snake.
Now you can check your snake is complete and you will add a few details to make your snake more complete and unique.
Step 6 – Make coloring for Snake
This is the final step and the coloring step for the snake. Normally to color the snake you can choose green, but you can also choose another color depending on your preference to choose the right color for the snake you have drawn.

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