How To Draw A Cute Girl For Christmas – Six Simple Steps Guide

For Christians, Christmas is the biggest and most awaited festival. Especially for children, they look forward to that day to receive gifts from Santa Claus, favor their favorite foods such as candy, fried chicken thighs, …So, it is excellent if you can draw a cute Christmas girl with your children.

This article will learn how to draw a cute girl for Christmas with six simple steps guide. You will follow our step by step and finish your task in the shortest time.

We have created a step-by-step drawing tutorial on drawing a cute Christmas girl, summed up in 6 quick and easy steps. What’s more, each instruction is accompanied by an illustration to make the steps a lot easier for you to follow!

Like learning to draw in another thing, you need to prepare paper, pencils, and palettes for drawing a cute Christmas girl.

How To Draw A Cute Christmas Girl – Let’s Get Started!

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With six simple steps, you can finish your product quickly. You will follow our step by step until you will complete your work. Not easy but not too difficult, you must be patient and try to work, you will get success.

Step 1- Draw A Half Circle.

In this step, you will draw a half circle, this forms the outline of the Christmas girl’s head. Very simple with this step, If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry because this step only takes a few strokes and you can complete it easily.

Step 2 – Draw Eyes And Mouth For Christmas Girl.

Please observe our image and follow us. In this step, you will draw eyes and mouth for Christmas Girl. You will use a pencil and draw then, You will erase the excess pen strokes and leave the main strokes for your work. You will draw two dots for two eyes and draw a simple stroke for her mouth.

Step 3 – Draw Christmas Girl Hairs.

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You will draw nice hairs for this girl, not difficult for this step, you can follow our image and follow it. To create the hair, start by drawing its outline near the forehead. Then, draw the entire hair encompassing the top of the head all the way down to your preferred hair length.

Needless to say, you can make the Christmas girl’s hair as long or as short as you like! You can even put the hair on a ponytail, a braid, or any hairstyle you want!

Step 4 – Draw Christmas Girl Body.

At right now, you will draw a Christmas girl’s body, and you will remove clothes for her. You will design a skirt with a top for this cute girl. Structure the skirt right underneath the torso of the Christmas girl. Drawing a skirt is as simple as drawing multiple connected standing rectangular shapes without the lines at the top. This creates the folds of the pleated skirt. Please remember that feel free to customize the skirt as much as you like! You can add any patterns or designs on the fabric of the skirt to add your own style to it!

Step 5 – Add Hand, Hairs, And Some Small Details For Christmas Girl.

There are some steps, you can finish your product with a cute Christmas Girl. In this step, you will add hands, hairs, and some small details for the Christmas girl. It is easy, you can follow our image and follow us.

Step 6 – Color Your Christmas Girl.

You will choose the suitable for Christmas girl. Usually, they will select red for Christmas, and we choose red for this girl as well, but if you want, you can choose other colors as you like.

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