How To Draw An Apple – Six Simple Steps

Apple is a delicious fruit, rich in vitamins, we eat every day. This is also a nutritious fruit in every family meal, party,…It is a popular fruit, so it is very familiar to each of us.

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to draw an apple. We’ll make an apple with a stem and a cute smiley face.

Drawing an apple is a good opportunity to practice block-making skills. We will use a charcoal pencil and technical drawing pens; These tools are a good choice for quick sketching exercises.

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Similar to other pictures to draw and color apples, you also need to prepare paper, pencils, crayons, …With these 6 basic steps, you will have a complete apple. Watch and follow us whether you are a master or a beginner. With our instructions, everything will be much simpler.

Step 1 – Draw Apple Stem

Look at it and follow along, this is the stem of an apple, it’s that simple to draw. Please use a pencil to sketch on the paper for the first strokes.

Step 2 – Draw Apple Body

Draw a circle with a charcoal pencil. This shape doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, so I drew it slightly tapered downwards. You’ll then tweak the shape a bit to fit the stem of the apple you drew earlier.

Step 3 – Add A Leaf

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In this step, you add a small detail that is adding a leaf attached to the stem of the apple. It’s not too difficult for you, is it? Take a look at our drawing and follow along.>

Step 4 – Draw A Cute Face For An Apple

This is an added detail because the apple is already full, but adding a lovely face to the apple makes the apple more adorable. Use a pen and create a lovely face with eyes, nose, and mouth for the apple.

Step 5 – Draw In Some Final Details For Your Apple

This is the step where you have to look at what the apple is missing and add it. It’s simple, but it’s also the step that determines whether the apple is beautiful or not, so you need to be careful in this step. You could also draw in some additional elements such as a plate for the apple to be on, and if you’re feeling ambitious then you could draw other fruits to make this a proper still-life! Please be patient, and add small details. You can also observe our pictures and follow them.

Step 6 – Make Coloring For An Apple

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Depending on your hobby that you can choose the suitable colors, you can choose red color for body apple, green color for the leaf as ours. Very simple to finish this step. You will choose the colors for your product. Through the above 6 steps, you have completed the apple with vibrant colors. With our ingenuity, patience, and guidance you have completed the task with apple drawing and coloring.

After the hard-working hours at working place, you can draw and make coloring to help you mentally balance in life. They will help you to reduce worries, the stress in life, in work and make your life better.
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