6 Easy Steps Creating Christmas Gifts drawing – How To Draw Christmas Gifts

Receiving your favorite gifts on certain occasions, especially Christmas, makes the recipient feel excited and happy, from children to adults. Knowing this, today we would like to introduce how to draw a Christmas gift box in basic steps. Would you mind participating with us and getting a great time?

Before going to the steps to draw a gift box, we need to understand what a gift box is? Gift boxes are wrapped with colored paper, printed with funny images, and tied or attached with lovely bows. Gift boxes are used to store gifts with different meanings for each other.

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The Meaning Of Christmas Gift

Gifts mean a lot to us, from children to adults, on special occasions, especially on the upcoming Christmas. A small gift also makes us happier and happier, and everyone is closer to each other. So prepare small gifts for your loved ones on Christmas. Everyone is pleased about that. With the practical meanings of gift-giving, you can manually draw and color beautiful gift boxes in your way. Drawing and coloring are essential leisure activities to help you have the most relaxing time to work more efficiently.

How To Draw Christmas Gifts – Let’s Get Started!

In this article, you will learn how to draw Christmas gifts with nine simple steps, and you will follow our step by step and create the Christmas Gifts as your hobby. Illustrations accompany each instruction to make it easier to follow the steps. This tutorial’s fun because it allows you to customize your drawing, further hone your artistic skills.

Step 1 – Draw A Vertical Rectangle.

In this step, your mission is straightforward. You just draw a vertical rectangle. Would you mind looking at our image and following us? You use a pencil to draw on the paper, then erase the excess lines, leaving the primary stroke as a vertical letter, the frame of the Christmas gift.

Step 2 – Draw Bow For Gift Box.

Let’s complete the bow with the wraps. The ribbon ends are drawn with two “S” curves and slightly extended. Trim the ends with a “V” for an excellent finish. Next, add two “S” curves to the bow to better mark the ribbon folds. That’s the current sketch finished.

Step 3 – Finish The Bow For The Gift.

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The second layer from the top is the ribbon wrapped around the current – so draw next. Again, all we’re changing is a minor rounding of the corners, and the rest is the live outline of the sketch. Additional detail adds short lines to suggest bow folds as it tightens into the center – two for each side of the center square.

Step 4 – Draw The Second Christmas Gift.

Like the first step, you will draw a second gift box with a horizontal rectangle. This is also a simple step for you, look at our drawing and follow. You will also erase excess lines to get the main strokes for Christmas Gift.

Step 5 – Draw The Bow For The Second Gift.

Your task in this step is to draw a bow for the second gift box. Here, you will observe our image and follow us.

Step 6 – Draw The Third Christmas Gift.

You will have to draw and complete the 3rd Christmas gift box in this step. Follow and follow our instructions so that you get three gift boxes. After this step, in general, drawing three gift boxes is almost done; only a few more details are left for you to complete the job.

Step 7 – Christmas Gift Decorations.

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Complete the look of the gift bow by adding the lace wraparound on the present. Draw two parallel vertical lines on both sides of the present to create this effect! You will add some small detail to make Christmas Gifts more excellent.

Step 8 – Christmas Gift Decorations.

In this step, your primary mission is to decorate for Christmas gifts. Use many small details so that you can decorate your Christmas gift box. Very lovely and very necccesarry for the assistance. A good gift must be beautiful from both content and form, so you need to decorate the gift box beautifully.

Step 9 – Finish Your Task With Some Colors.

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Now, you will choose the suitable and make colors for Gift Decorations. You can follow our colors or choose other colors. You can make colors for gifts one by one. Here we choose blue, green, red colors but you can choose different colors for your contributions.

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