How To Draw A Baby Boy – The Details Instructions

Baby is our future, and you love the baby very much; their adorable faces also don’t hurt when it comes to winning people over. You want to draw a cute baby. If you’ve found yourself in a pinch while trying to draw a baby, fret not! Babies are a tricky subject when it comes to drawing. Follow this tutorial and learn how to draw a baby! To help you out, we created this guide on how to draw a baby in just six easy steps to have you draw an adorable baby in no time at all. You will go to step by step then you can move Baby Boys Coloring Pages to practice colors as well.

How to Draw A Baby Boy ​– Let’s Get Started!

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If you love babies and have wanted to learn how to draw one, you must be patient and careful in each step to create a complete baby boy. You will prepare some things such as paper, pencil, colors to draw this character. You will go to step by step and realize your task. To draw a baby is not too difficult but you also need to be patient, you will use a pencil to draw on the paper then you will erase the squiggly lines and you will proceed to draw the correct lines. In each step, there is an illustration for you to draw easier. You will be patient and careful in each step and try to finish off your task as soon as possible. Once you finish off your drawing mission, you can go to Baby Boys Coloring Pages to enjoy coloring for free as well. We update them daily.

Step 1 Draw Baby Boy’s Head

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Now, you will start to go the first step. You start with the head of the baby. Babies have big, round heads, so we will be using a nice rounded shape for the outline of the head. You will draw an incomplete circle, you can use a compass to remove or you can draw a circle by hand. It’s the baby’s head, and you are done with step 1 and move step 2.

Step 2 – Draw Baby Boy’s Hairs.

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A newborn baby’s hair has very little, so you just need to draw a few hairs on the forehead for the baby, and you are done with your task at this step. It is simple in this step, you finish off it and go to step 3.

Step 3 – Draw Face’s Details For Baby Boy

You will use a pencil to continue drawing the face details. Babies have big, round eyes, so we will use very rounded shapes for the face of your baby drawing. You could replicate the eyes as they appear in our reference image, but if you wanted a less realistic image, you could also use much simpler shapes for the eyes. Then, use some small, curved lines for a little nose and mouth for the baby. You could also draw these in a much simpler style if you would prefer that kind of look for your drawing. At this step you will face a little difficulty, but you also need to be patient and follow our instructions, you will do the mission of this step well.

Step 4 – Draw Baby Boy’s Ears

You will draw two cute ears for the baby boy. Let’s draw the baby’s perverted ears to show this baby’s intelligence and slyness. It is simply too in this step, you finish off it and go to step 5

Step 5 – Finish Off Your Drawing Mission

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Now, you must finish off your drawing mission such as adding Some lines on the chest, legs and arms will help to add a bit of definition to your baby, and will highlight aspects like the chest and belly button.
Once you have these details drawn, you could also come up with some extra fun details! For example, you could draw some props for your baby, such as a bottle or maybe a cute teddy bear. You can add cute clothes for the baby as well.

Step 6 – Color Baby Boys

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Now, you choose the suitable colors for baby boys. Here, we choose light pink for skin, yellow for hairs, and white for diapers. But you can choose any colors that you like.
If you think the drawing fun is over now, I have good news for you because we have so many more fun drawing guides in store for you! You can go to Baby Boys Coloring Pages to choose colors and make coloring. you will choose any images and make coloring for it. Drawing and coloring are good activities so, you can enjoy them after the hard-working hours. We are here and reply to all your questions for you about our coloring pages or our instruction on how to draw and blog. Have fun!