How To Draw The Pig Face – Six Simple Steps

Pigs are very familiar animals to us and children. You can see pigs on Television, in real life, in movies, in your baby’s toys,… How to draw a cute, funny pig is the desire of many children. Mothers and children, please refer to the simplest way to draw a pig in the following way, make sure, in less than 5 minutes, you and your baby can draw a chubby, cute pig. Along with the tutorial, we have also included a couple of free pig coloring pages that you can print off and give to your kids to color!
htdr pig
With our 6 basic steps, you will be able to successfully draw a pig. Like drawing other images, you need to prepare paper, pencils, crayons, palettes, draw and color a pig. And here are 6 steps for you to draw and color a cute pig’s face.

Step 1 – Draw An Oval.

This will be the mold to draw 2 nostrils for the pig. You use a pen and draw an oval so that later that circle will contain the pig’s 2 nostrils. This is not a difficult step you just use a pencil and draw a closed curve

Step 2 – Draw Pig’s Nose.

In this step, you proceed to draw 2 pig’s nostrils. It’s not too difficult, you draw them like 2 round dots. Take a look at our drawings and follow them. You can also draw light strokes and then darken them to get perfect curves. Draw a cute pig’s nose for a cute pig face

Step 3 – Draw Pig’s Eyes.

Now you are going to draw Pig’s eyes, it’s lovely isn’t it. Be careful with your brush strokes for the perfect pig’s face. As well as step 2 in this step is not too difficult you just need to look at our drawing then follow and have lovely pig eyes

Step 4 – Draw Pig’s Mouth.

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Once you have drawn the pig’s eyes and nose, it is indispensable for the pig’s mouth to be on the face. Let’s draw a pretty mouth for the cute pig

Step 5 – Draw Pig’s Face.

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Create an outline of the pig’s face by simply drawing an irregular circle shape. The shape must be relatively wider at the bottom compared to the top, putting emphasis on the cheeks of the pig.
Afterwards, draw the trunk at the bottom of the face. Draw two lines overlapping the outline with a snout at the tip. The trunk of a pig should be curved, as shown in the illustration, to make it appear realistic.

Step 6 – Make Coloring For Pig.

Now, you just use suitable colors and make coloring for the pig. It is a simple step, you finish drawing and coloring for the pig.

Painting and coloring will help you a lot in life. They help you balance work, family, and leisure time needs. After a stressful working day, you need to rest with a certain entertainment, and painting and drawing will help you temporarily forget the fatigue that life brings.

Every day, give yourself a certain amount of leisure time and choose the painting and coloring channel because this is an inexpensive entertainment channel, suitable for all audiences, all ages from children to old people.

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