How To Draw A Snowman – The Details Instructions

The snowman is mentioned a lot in foreign stories, and the child also wishes to immerse himself in the pure white snow and play with his friends. And molded a cute snowman. But unfortunately, that is very difficult to do because Vietnam is a tropical country, having fun with snowmen is only a dream. Today you will learn how to draw a snowman on paper? Let’s practice drawing a snowman together.

The Meaning Of Snowman To Children

First, let’s close our eyes and remember what the snowman has? Along with Santa Claus and the pine tree, the snowman is also a familiar image during the Christmas holiday. The snowman is made of circles and is decorated with a nose, eyes, and hands. Sometimes, both hoods and scarves make them more lively and lovely.

Similar to drawing some other objects, now we need to prepare some materials before starting to draw a cute snowman:

Paper: You can use A4 size paper, the size of 1 pair of school paper. Children should choose white paper because it will be more accessible to color. More specifically, the snowman’s body is primarily white snow. So with white paper, we can reduce the process of coloring the body.

Coloring: Here, you are encouraged to use the available baby paint colors, but if there are oil pastels, it’s great.

Soft pencil: Used to draw details for the snowman before color.

How To Draw A Christmas Stocking – Let’s Get Started!

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Here we draw a snowman with six basic steps. In each stage, we have an illustration to help you imagine and draw a snowman easier. You will look at our image and remove it by following it step-by-step. We hope that you get a great time here.

Step 1 – Draw Snowman Nose.

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You can draw the nose as a triangle, with a long side and a small bottom. Children can draw this triangle horizontally or diagonally. Here’s how to draw a nose like Pinocchio, but the snowman’s nose won’t grow. It is simple at this step.

Step 2 – Draw Eyes And Mouth Snowman.

b2 2
It’s simple, the snowman usually has tiny eyes, probably because he keeps smiling, so he can’t see his eyes. You can draw eyes with 2 round dots, depending on the size of the face that decides whether the eyes are big or small.
The central mouth is drawn with evenly spaced dots forming a slight arc-like a smiling snowman and showing small teeth.

Step 3 – Draw Face And Hat.

Draw a closed circle that is the face of the snowman, then you will draw a hat like Santa’s hat on top of the snowman’s head

Step 4 – Draw Snowman Body.

b4 2
From the face of the snowman, you draw down to form the body of the snowman. At this stage, it is not difficult. You can look at our image and follow us. We encourage the artist to draw with a pencil, erase the excess and leave the main lines. You will get the necessary strokes to create a perfect snowman

Step 5 – Draw Hand And Scarf.

b5 2
You’re almost done with your snowman and need a few more basic touches. Now you draw the scarf, the hands and decorate the snowman. Please remember that the scarf can be a great accent for the snowman and help keep him warm…
Step 6 – Color Snowman.

b6 2
My advice is that you should use floating colors to decorate the snowman to look outstanding in the white snow.
Face and body: keep white like paper or colored blue to make the snowman look more fun.

Eyes, mouth: use black or pencil color. If it’s a clown’s mouth, paint bright red at the corners of the mouth, or you can use a striking color

Hand: color same as body color, if the writing is branch shape, use brown color to paint, you can also use black color like ours to color snowman hand.

Nose: red or orange here we use orange

Hat and scarf: you can color these two details. For example, if the cap is red, the cape should also use red. Also, if you don’t like to use one color too monotonous, you can alternate two or more colors like our picture red hat, red and blue scarf. However, you can also decorate the snowmen with the colors and accessories you like…

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