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Mother Gothel Coloring Pages

Mother Gothel is a villain in the movie, Tangled, and enjoy Mother Gothel coloring pagess will help you understand more about this character as well as the content of the film. Mother Gothel is an evil woman who has kept her youth for hundreds of years in a magical golden flower. And when the magic accidentally switches to Rapunzel's hair, she locks the princess in a secluded place where she stores magic to cure Rapunzel's illness. To bring Rapunzel under her control, Mother Gothel pretended to be a loving mother to Rapunzel. Enjoy printable Mother Gothel coloring pages in your free time for your comfort; you will have great leisure time. Coloring for pictures related to this character will give you more knowledge about this Tangled film. You will be able to find lots of fun in this coloring activity to keep you busy, and you will naturally reduce stress. Please download, and print coloring pages out to enjoy them and relax and create a suitable entertainment channel. You can know Mother Gothel drawing to learn more about how to make Mother Gothel with us because we have given a very detailed tutorial on drawing this character. You can refer to Maleficent coloring pages to learn more about other villains in cartoons to get an overview of entertainment content for kids.

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