Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

Halloween is one of the biggest festivals of the year in many countries around the world. However, there are many things that you may not know about this festival. In this article, Vietnam Travel will share with you interesting things about Halloween that you may not know.
Halloween is a festival that has appeared thousands of years ago in Western countries. In recent years, Halloween has become a major festival in the world, where everyone goes to the streets and dresses up to become creepy ghosts. Halloween is not only an ordinary carnival but it is also religious and has an influence on billions of people around the world. And if you are looking to learn interesting information about Halloween, read this article.
Revealing interesting things about Halloween festival

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Where Did Halloween Come From?

The name Halloween has only appeared since 1745. However, the origin of this festival dates back a long time. According to historians, Halloween has been around since about 2000m. At that time, the Celts chose November 1 every year as the date of the Samhain festival, which means the end of summer and the transition to winter. In the Celts, winter was the season of death.
Scary images are people dressed up in this festival. From adults to children, everyone prepares themselves for spooky costumes. People also equip their houses and prepare food with ghostly images to prevent ghosts from entering them, according to their beliefs.

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The Original Symbol Was Radish

When it comes to Halloween, we will surely think of pumpkins with creepy human faces. For a long time, pumpkins have also become a symbol of Halloween. However, you may not know that the original symbol of Halloween is not a pumpkin but a radish.
The radishes will be used to carve out a human face. Inside there is a candle with the purpose to light the way for the souls. However, due to the small size of the radish, it is difficult to sculpt, so later on, they switched to using a larger size pumpkin so it will be easier to sculpt. And since then, the pumpkin has become a symbol of Halloween.
Why do people dress up for Halloween?

One of the main and most popular activities on Halloween is dressing up. Everyone participating in the festival will dress up as scary images such as ghosts, monsters, etc. So why dress up on this day?
According to the Celts, October 31 is the time when the boundary between the human world and the underworld becomes the most fragile. That’s why festival-goers will dress up as ghosts to avoid encountering real ghosts.

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When did the custom of “Trick-or-treat” start?
During the Halloween festival, in addition to the costume activity, there is another indispensable activity that is Trick-or-treat. This is the American children’s candy begging game and it became popular throughout Western countries from about 1920. And the act of begging for food on Halloween also first appeared about 600 years ago.

Enjoy The Horror Food

Halloween is a holiday where everything is related to ghosts and horror elements. Not only the costumes but also the dishes of this day are extremely horror. People will often eat cakes that are made into the shape of a finger, a human brain, or even a picture of a newborn baby. It looks horrible and many people do not dare to eat it, but once you have tasted it, you will find that they have a very delicious taste.
Halloween is the autumn season for confectionery businesses
Halloween is a holiday everyone has been waiting for. Especially confectionery companies. According to statistics, Americans buy about 600 million kilograms of candy during Halloween. This amount of candy is equivalent to about 1.9 billion USD.
What is the most popular candy on Halloween?
During Halloween, there are many delicious foods that people will often enjoy. According to statistics from the electronic news website Influenster, Reese’s peanut butter candy is the most popular candy in the US on Halloween. Next is Butterfinger’s Kit Kat candy.
Halloween is one of the expensive festivals

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Christmas is the most expensive holiday. Right after Christmas is Halloween. According to statistics, in 2015, Halloween alone cost about 7 billion USD. This money is mainly used to buy costumes, confectionery, and home decorations. Especially, there is a small amount of money to buy costumes for pets.
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