Coloring Pages For Kids Who Are Just Learning To Color

Coloring pictures seem to be quite strange to children who are just beginning to practice coloring. So how to start from the coloring pictures so as not to make the baby find it difficult and boring? How does the picture create a child’s interest in learning? Together we learn about pictures for children who are just learning to color, thereby helping parents easily find the right coloring pictures for their children.
Beautiful models for children who are just learning to color:
When starting to learn about anything, it is necessary to go from easy to difficult. Coloring too, training children to be patient and meticulous to have a beautiful image is not a simple matter. How is coloring pictures suitable for the ability of small children, especially children who are just learning to paint?
This is also the place for creatives about coloring pictures for children, as well as those who design pictures for this age. The criteria to create a suitable baby coloring picture are Simple lines. Easy-to-understand content. Use beautiful, friendly, close images. Easy to imagine, visualize, highly reminiscent. Take materials from characters/things/events familiar to the children.
It is quite important to “aim” colors that are easy to use for your baby. For example green and brown trees, yellow/red sun, blue clouds, etc. Avoid “aiming” at things with difficult colors such as purple, brown, etc. The baby doesn’t even know the names of those colors.


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For children, coloring activities are always essential, a very rewarding and educational activity because of the benefits of coloring. However, when choosing a coloring page or instructing your child to color, you need to pay attention to what is best for your child to color, so that coloring is really a rewarding activity for each child.
When should I start teaching my child to color?
To know when your baby can start coloring activities, pay attention to your baby’s actions and expressions to see if they meet the following criteria.

The baby can distinguish some basic colors
Baby knows how to hold objects firmly and skillfully
Your baby can play with a toy for about 15 minutes without getting bored
The baby is sitting firmly and sitting posture is good
Normally, children from 2 years old and up can start coloring simple pictures
Methods to help children color properly and effectively
Preparation: Parents should prepare the following items to help children color effectively

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Choose the right seat for your child, the right height, and enough light
Should buy art coloring paper to make the color brighter and more beautiful, the baby also likes it because it is easy to paint and the colors show up correctly. These types of paper you can go to bookstores or drawing shops
Buy specialized wax and watercolor colors. Because the color is too bad, it will make the baby bored after a few times of coloring because the picture does not look good
The coloring space is not too noisy, it will create a habit of distracting children. This is absolutely not good for the baby in learning and other activities later on.
Do not leave other interesting activities that your baby likes or notices next to him: toys, TV, phone, or iPad…
Make sure you have time to join your baby
If there are many children, be prepared to reconcile
Step by step instructions on how to properly color your baby
Step 1 ask your child about his favorite coloring picture topic. For example: What do you like to color the most?

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Step 2: Choose coloring pictures with easy or difficult strokes depending on the age and ability of the child.

Step 3: Ask your child about the coloring picture he is about to paint to help develop his language and presentation skills

Step 4: Observe your baby’s coloring and concentration, encourage him with words of encouragement when he is bored

Step 5: Try to guide and support the child to complete the picture. Make it a habit for your child to always complete all tasks without giving up halfway

Step 6: Teach your child to state his or her own thoughts about his painting, how he sees it, what works and what doesn’t.

Step 7: Guide and suggest to children interesting and meaningful things with educational lessons. Compare with the pictures that your child has colored before so that he can see for himself which picture is more beautiful

Step 8: Encourage your child to respect his work, that is, respect what he can do

Step 9: Make sure the coloring area and tools are clean and neat. This helps the baby to practice character very well
Notes For Parents
Instruct your child in the correct sitting posture to color, just like the child’s sitting posture to learn. Children should not sit for too long, especially with small children, it will quickly affect the baby’s spine
Teach your child how to hold a pen and basic coloring methods: how to keep the color from being smudged, and how to paint the paper without wrinkles.
Do not criticize or comment too much on your personal opinion. Please respect what your baby shows
Encourage and find good things, create in the picture
Coloring is not only a mere entertainment activity but through coloring activities, there will be many benefits for children such as Helping children develop ingenuity skills, Helping children develop painting ability, Helping children learn lessons. Learning interesting and meaningful from coloring pictures, Helps children increase their concentration, Helps children try useful entertainment activities, A small activity but brings joy to the whole family, Connects and understands children better, Early detection of baby’s ability, Increase logical ability and creative thinking, Increase self-confidence.
With so many benefits of coloring activities, parents should take the time to search for coloring pictures for their children and complete beautiful coloring works with their children. Today, with the development of technology, you don’t need to spend time buying paintings and spending money to buy paintings, with just one device with an internet connection, you can find hundreds of thousands of photos from the internet and complete them. totally free.

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