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The child's early years are significant. Things you and your baby do together include reading, going out, learning to draw, and eating. All are recorded in the child's brain. The repetition of the above activities creates connections to the brain, allowing children to think and learn. Especially at this time, the young brain is much more receptive than adults. Therefore, many times, doing the same task will help your child permanently remember the action. In addition, exposing children to new experiences also encourages their brains to imagine and explore the world in their way. Drawing activities will also increase your child's imagination and creativity. Even if you are not an artist, you can still guide your child to color perfectly. Maybe your child will become the artist of the future. In the following article, we will introduce you to Bee coloring pages.

The bee is a highly socially organized insect known for its perseverance, which will surely surprise the baby. Temperament, shelter, especially the quality product bees provide - honey and facts not everyone knows. Bees are insects with a high social organization, such as ants and termites. Bees live in groups; each colony has queen bees, worker bees, and young bees and has a straightforward assignment. Bees have many different species, and humans raise the species to exploit products such as honey, beeswax, and royal jelly. Bees often live in groups, sometimes up to 25,000 to 50,000, among nests in tree holes, rocks, bushes, forests, or improved box nests are made by farmers.

Does your baby know? The bee usually has six legs. These six legs function for standing and balancing bees as they perch on the flowers and branches. In addition, Bees have four wings; most of them have transparent white wings, and some species have black or yellow wings. Their wings are meant to help them fly and go for food and honey. Their body consists of legs, branches, and needles. The body is black and yellow stripes like honey bees, and many other bees are black like wasps. The bee's needle is a dangerous weapon. The bee's needle contains venom. When in danger, they will use a needle to stab the opponent. When the bee is stabbed into an opponent, the bee will die because a part of the intestine will follow when they pull the needle out. The hives are divided into three categories: the queen bee, the male bee, and the last is the worker bee. In the pack, the queen bee is the only female. It is the biggest in the herd in both size and power. It is responsible for the reproduction and creation of new generations for the flock.

The Queen bee has a lifespan of about five years and is responsible for filling the nest with eggs. Take on the busiest job during the summer months. The queen can control the sex of the bee's eggs. The hatched larvae will be female if the queen bee uses the stored larvae for fertilization. If the eggs are not fertilized, the larvae hatch is male.

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