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Here are all pictures of Rilakkuma Coloring Pages themes. They are suitable for kids. Coloring actions help us practice color and create a relaxing time for teens and adults.

Rilakkuma is a Japan cartoon, and have four main character: Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, Chairoikoguma. The unique point is that they appear without a mouth, so you can think their emotions are like yours. You feel happy, and you can see they are also excited. If you are sad, you believe their feelings are unhappy. Rilakkuma has brown, Korilakkuma looks pretty with pink color, Kiiroitori is a yellow bird, and Chairoikoguma is a smaller bear than Rilakkuma with dark brown. But you can create colorful pictures with any color you like, such as a seven-color rainbow.

 We hope you find pictures, download and print them to color depending on your emotions. You can explore the coloring pictures at with many other themes such as Care Bear Coloring PagesGummy Coloring Pages, and Bear Coloring Pages.

Have fun!

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