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Koala Coloring Pages

Koala coloring pages include many high-resolution black and white pictures to print on large paper for children to practice coloring with arbitrary colors to exercise their creativity and intelligence daily. Parents can right-click to download high-quality creative coloring pictures for kids to your computer, then print them out for their kids to color.

Koalas are herbivorous marsupials usually found only in Australia, especially in the main island's eastern and southern areas. Koalas are the only living species of the family Phascolarcidae. Today, the Koala has become one of the most beloved animals in the world because of its cuteness. Koalas often live in trees; we always see koalas hugging trees, looking very cute. Koalas have a round head, large fluffy ears, a large black nose, and a coat color ranging from silver gray to chocolate brown. In the animal world, Koala is one of the favorite coloring themes of the little ones.

Our Koala coloring pages below are entirely free. Collect the best coloring sheets for your kids and help them learn about these cute animals while coloring them. Baby loves to explore the animal world, so dad can let him refer to other animals on Rabbit coloring page, Sloth, Dogs, etc.

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