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Elephant Coloring Pages

Elephants are the biggest animals these days, and Elephant coloring pages will give you lots of pictures of this animal. As you know, the elephant is depicted with a long trunk, two tusks, big ears, big four legs, and velvet skin. The proboscis is used to forbid grasping and giving food ivory is used for digging, and the large ears are used to stabilize body temperature and communicate with each other. Elephants are herbivores and drink water close to where they live and often live in herds.
Elephants are gentle animals today you can see elephants at zoos or in circus performances. This is a rare animal that we must try to protect because there are some forces hunting elephants and exploiting ivory. So if you love elephants, do your part to oppose elephant hunting and exploitation. Here you have a chance to enjoy the elephant's coloring pages with your favorite colors and create nice pictures.
You can download or print coloring pages on our website by clicking on each image you have selected. This is a simple activity that everyone can participate in, parents can color with kids to have more time with them. Besides coloring pages, we also provide elephant drawing to help you know how to draw an elephant. We also arrange drawing tutorials from easy to difficult, you can refer to and follow. Have fun!

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